(to be) a blowhard

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - a blowhard

"(to be) a blowhard"

a braggart;

a boastful person


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - a blowhard

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  It seems to be a prerequisite for politicians to be full of bravado.

Friend 2:  I agree.  They love to brag and boast of their own accomplishments however minor.

Friend 1:  And they go on and on and basically say nothing except how marvelous they are.

Friend 2:  I suppose it is a must for a politician to be a blowhard

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - a blowhard

Two students are talking during a lecture ...

Professor:  And when I was in Egypt, I showed exceptional bravery when our camp was attacked. Later I was instrumental in securing permission for a further excavation site. I withstood the fierce sun and helped my entire team endure.

Student 1:  Listen to him go on and on about himself. Do you think we might actually get to learn something about the subject matter of the course?

Student 2:  We were warned that this professor was a blow-hard.

(to be) a blowhard - Usage:


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(to be) a blowhard - Gerund Form:

Being a blow-hard, he didn't have many friends.

(to be) a blowhard - Examples:

1)  And I do not believe in fairness. Only a naive blow-hard, who takes himself or herself way too seriously and attacks everyone who disagrees with ...

2)  You just love puffing out your chests indulging in fake moral outrage and self-righteous blow-hard ...

3)  ... they'll start quietly working to show you up as a complete blow-hard in front of others. 

4)  Block remained a blow-hard, a blabbermouth, and a liar.

5)  ... qualms about him is that he is a big mouth, braggart, an interminable blow-hard and a scandal prone buffoon with a tin ear when it comes to ethics.

6)   ... like every pinheaded wannabe postmodern blow-hard with an attitude ...

7)  ... in on minor fame and charisma (in this case charisma equates to being a blow-hard which some people like).

8)  Not only is Mr. Williams a pretentious blow-hard, he's also dishonest.

9)  ... tortured logic, sophistry, phony statistics and self-serving lies before people realize what a blow-hard he is?

10)  Beyond that, Biden is notorious as a blow-hard, self-centered personality ...

11)  Goodbye to that stupid boat, no more fishing with that pompous blowhard

12)  So, while Mr. Santorum may think that his blowhard opinions about when and where women should be allowed to have medical tests is righteous ...

13)  ... is even more of a self-aggrandizing blowhard than Simon is coming off as.

14)  Educate your audience on a topic, don't be a blowhard overly promoting your company.

15)  ... with that comes brains and intellect. Senator McConnell on the other hand is a blowhard and a bore.

16)  He's a pompous blowhard who's ideas in the literary criticisms are thin at best. 

17)  I had always thought of him as a blowhard and a bully.

18)  ... election because you know the egotistical blowhard wants to be "King of The World".

19)  Of course Bill is a self-serving blowhard, but when he's around the progressive types he talks the talk.

20)  ... although I can't find much evidence that this vainglorious and childish blowhard is in any way a 'good person'.