boiling point

Idiom Definition 1

Idiom Definition - boiling point

"boiling point"

a person's limit in patience, temper or equanimity, after which a person loses control of their emotions


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Idiom Definition 2

Idiom Definition - boiling point

"boiling point"

 the point at which a situation becomes critical, calamitous, or uncontrollable


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - boiling point

A mother is talking with her child ...

Mother:  Young man. I have told you three times to turn off the TV and clean your room.

Child:  Ya, ya. I heard you. Just let me finish this program.

Mother: I am getting very close to losing my patience. Do you want to push me to my boiling point?

Child:  Don't get so upset. Relax. I'll turn off the TV and clean my room.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - boiling point

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Three more accidents in the factory this week and management has done nothing to address the safety concerns of the workers.

Colleague 2:  Tensions are rising among the factory workers. It is only a matter of time before the situation reaches a boiling point.

Colleague 1:  And then what?

Colleague 2:  I believe that the workers will walk off their jobs in frustration.

Colleague 1:  Then management had better do something to address the safety concerns.

boiling point - Usage:


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boiling point - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for boiling point.

boiling point - Examples:

1)  Next year could be the year the crisis over Iran's nuclear program reaches a boiling point.

2)  ... earning the enmity of the native inhabitants. In 1925 local animosity reached the boiling point, and violent popular revolts rocked the region for two years.

3)  It would have been wiser to post this before you got to the boiling point, when you would have been more receptive to help, not boiling mad ...

4)  Her emotions reach the boiling point as the day of her brother's wedding nears.

5)  What happens when a player reaches the "boiling point." To play wildly, out of annoyance or impatience at one's ...

6)  ... had been escalating throughout the season, and it reached the boiling point at Phoenix.

7)  And the controversy that has dogged his work is about to hit the boiling point.... So get set.

8)  ... as tensions between the Obama administration and leaders of the Catholic Church rose to the boiling point over the issue of contraceptive coverage.

9)  Sam's frustration level at the beginning of the episode hit a boiling point, ...

10)  ... hit their boiling point and shouted in frustration at officials during a meeting in Oceanside Friday.

11)  Katie brings his anger, confusion and frustration to a boiling point.

12)  ... felt her anger augmenting to boiling point, but nothing, she could say had any effect upon her niece, ...

13)  Some people who would otherwise not commit a violent crime have reached the boiling point. Not making an excuse for anyone, but I do believe this is ...

14)  ... the same nationalist government's reactionary policies reached a boiling point in 1974, resulting in a popular socialist revolution.

15)  ... is essentially thirty years of Smith's frustrations reaching a boiling point.

16)  ... us worked up but we, as a profession, have about hit our proverbial boiling point.

17)  They were frustrated by the inaction of their national governments, the situation reached a boiling point, and we all saw what happened next. 

18)  ... see all around the world in the future when the pension crisis reaches a boiling point.

19)  ... keeps my mood a bit toned down and keeps my blood from hitting the boiling point.

20)  The bullying issue has been simmering for a while; but it recently hit the boiling point with the death of B.C. teen Amanda Todd.