(to be) bored to death

Idiom Definition

"to be bored to death"

to be extremely bored

Idiom Definition - to be bored to death


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to be bored to death

Ned and Grace are talking in the kitchen one morning before work ...

Grace:  Ready for another day at the office, Honey?

Ned:  I suppose so.

Grace:  You don't sound very enthusiastic.

Ned:  Well, I've been working at the same company for almost thirty years.  I've been doing the same job day after day after day.  I am bored to death with work.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to be bored to death

One evening, Ryan and Henry are watching television at Ryan's house. They have been watching re-runs of programs they have seen before ...

Henry:  Don't you get a little tired of watching the same old re-runs?

Ryan:  I sure do.  It gets a little boring to watch the same old shows day after day.

Henry:  That's an understatement!  I am sick and tired of the same old re-runs.  In fact, I'm bored to death with them!

Sunday Fun Idiom

"(to be) bored to death"

Sunday Fun Idiom - bored to death

to be bored to death - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   320   click for frequency by country

to be bored to death - Gerund Form:

Being bored to death can make it seem like time is moving very slowly.

to be bored to death - Examples:

1)  I am bored to death when I have to wait two hours in a doctor's office.

2)  You are bored to death when you must repeat the same repetitive task for a long time.

3)  He is bored to death in American history class.

4)  She is bored to death with her all her old clothes.

5)  We are bored to death when no one scores any goals.

6)  You (all) are bored to death when you (all) never change your daily routines.

7)  They are bored to death when they listen to politicians.

8)  You may well be right, a friend of mine (who I bored to death with the scenario) said the same thing as you. 

9)  I get bored to death. After two weeks off at Christmas I went mental.

10)  They leave me at best indifferent or perplexed, at worst bored to death

11)  I get bored to death with the same old rigmarole from sceptics.

12)  During the past year, I've been bored to death by three out of four nights in the theatre.

13)  Perhaps the Brits loved it, but the rest of the world was bored to death.

14)  Most of us would be bored to death by constantly hearing the same uninspiring prayers.

15)  I think that I would now be bored to death stuck on the career path I chose at 21!

16)  It's a pity they are bored to death with their own underperforming team.

17) Each time I have seen him I have been bored to death

18)  Truth be told I was BORED TO DEATH with our usual routine at the gym.

19)  I was literally bored to death with the content of the book.

20)  Most people are bored to death with their own lives so they create drama.