the bottom line

Idiom Definition

"the bottom line"

the result;

the final outcome

Idiom Definition - the bottom line


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - the bottom line

Alex is a supervisor in a factory. Alex has been called into the manager's office of the factory where they work.

Manager:   Sales are down, Alex.

Alex:   That's not good, boss.

Manager:  No it's not.   The economy is in a recession and exports are declining.   My boss has told me that we must do something or there will be big changes.

Alex:  Well, what's the bottom line?

Manager:  The bottom line is that we either have to increase production or layoff workers.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - the bottom line

Bernie is a student in university. He has been called into his professor's office for a talk about his performance this semester.

Professor:  Hello Bernie. How are you?

Bernie:  Just fine, professor, thank you.

Professor:   Good. Listen, the reason I asked you to see me today is that I have been reviewing your work for this semester. You have not been doing well, Bernie. You have not turned in two assignments and your test scores have been low. I am worried that you may fail this course.

Bernie:  Ouch, that's not good Professor. What's the bottom line?

Professor:  Well, after calculating all your scores this semester, the bottom line is that you will need an 88% on your final exam in order to pass this course.

the bottom line - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   22,980   click for frequency by country

the bottom line - Gerund Form:

Finding the bottom line can help in the decision making process.

the bottom line - Examples:

1)  My bottom line is that I need two days off work.

2)  Your bottom line is that you need to pass this course.

3)  His bottom line is that he needs to quit his job.

4)  Her bottom line is that you must clean up after yourself.

5)  The bottom line is the final outcome.

6)  Our bottom line is that we must win the next game or be out of the tournament.

7)  Your bottom line is that you (all) must quit drinking.

8)  Their bottom line is that they must never be late for work again or be fired.

9) You can't have rich without poor, that's the bottom line

10)  Romney is a political failure, his economic plan sucks, that's the bottom line.

11)  The rich are full of fear and that is the bottom line of their motivations!

12)  The bottom line is that he uncompromisingly states the facts that our democracy is in jeopardy.

13)  The bottom line is, we don't know what happened.

14)  No semantics. No gray areas. Just the bottom line.

15)  I created countless HTML emails in our various campaigns and the bottom line is that they do the job.

16) The bottom line is that this team is one that needs to play for the future. 

17)  However on the larger question, the bottom line is that the sacrificing needs to go both ways. 

18)  And that's really the bottom line -- John Carter is a fun movie.

19)  The bottom line is that we're committed to our manifesto.

20)  There is more to a company's thriving than profit or the bottom line.