brand spanking new

Idiom Definition

"brand spanking new"

to be very very new

Idiom Definition - brand spanking new


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - brand spanking new

Two friends are chatting ...

Friend 1:  Nice motorcycle!

Friend 2:  Thanks.

Friend 1:  When did you get it?

Friend 2:  I just picked it up an hour ago.

Friend 1: Then it's brand spanking new?

Friend 2:  Indeed.  Only one point four miles on the odometer.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - brand spanking new

Two coworkers are talking in the office ...

Worker 1:  Good Morning!  I haven't seen you in the office before.  Do you work here?

Worker 2:  It's my first day!

Worker 1:  You're brand spanking new on the job.  Welcome.

Worker 2:  Thank you.  My name's ...

brand spanking new - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   424   click for frequency by country

brand spanking new - Gerund Form:

Being brand spanking new on the job can be a real challenge.

brand spanking new - Examples:

1)  I've finally won my first giveaway contest. YAY! A brand spanking new pair of NB Minimus Road Zero courtesy of Running and Rambling.

2)  By mid-June, expect a brand spanking new website from yours truly.

3)  Today I am the proud owner of a brand spanking new temporary work permit.

4)  We have now to help keep our eyes often open up for brand spanking new methods to perform the ordinary.

5)  I've already bought a brand spanking new notebook and pen.

6)  The game was the first ever to be played at Sweden's brand spanking new national football stadium Friends Arena in Stockholm.

7)  I purchased my gorgeous, brand spanking new Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone yesterday.

8)  I heard a soft squealing and there, on the ground, was a brand spanking new puppy. 

9)  I had a brilliant easy labour with no medicalisation and got to use a brand spanking new birthing centre. 

10)  The ability to import from camera means you can pull shots straight from that brand spanking new iPad 3 snapper into the application.

11)  The only reason it's being downloaded by that many people is because its brand spanking new.

12)  Two brand spanking new publicity shots have been released today.

13)  I am going to bookmark your web site and maintain checking for brand spanking new information.

14) We concede that some folks like living in brand spanking new suburban cul-de-sacs with excellent services 

15)  Seriously, this kid was brand spanking new and she was at an awards ceremony.

16)  It is said to be the second phase of life with a brand spanking new face.

17)  Then I saw the car he entered into, a brand spanking new land rover.

18)  Today, we have a brand spanking new interview.

19)  The bottle (last week's episode) had a Princeton-Plainsboro label and looked brand spanking new.

20)  A day after placing my order for a brand spanking new pair of Stella McCartney' s cats-eye style frames I received them.