to break someone's heart

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - break someone's heart

"to break someone's heart"

to cause someone great disappointment, sorrow or sadness


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - break someone's heart

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  How's everything going with your girlfriend?

Friend 2:  She broke up with me without any notice.

Friend 1:  That must have broken your heart.

Friend 2:  I'm devastated.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - break someone's heart

Two teachers are talking ...

Teacher 1:  Your students must be getting excited about their field trip to the Grand Canyon.

Teacher 2:  They are going to be very sad when I tell them that their field trip has been canceled due to lack of funding.

Teacher 1:  You are going to break their little hearts. They have really been looking forward to that trip.

to break someone's heart - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   4,482   click for frequency by country

to break someone's heart - Gerund Form:

Breaking your children's hearts by canceling a trip to Disneyland is a very difficult thing for parents to do.

to break someone's heart - Examples:

1)  It just breaks my heart that Lance Armstrong will have to step down in a foundation that he has created.

2)  ... and sisters who are blind to color. I must say it breaks my heart that you can not see past your own prejudices during such a sorrowful time.

3)  These children are so sweet, and it breaks my heart to see them suffering as no child should have to.

4)  It breaks my heart to see them fall from solid middle class success to near poverty.

5)  Every time a dog or cat is destroyed it breaks my heart.

6)  Rocco's story broke my heart. Seriously, it was heart-wrenching! 

7)  ... when I was eleven I had to sell my horses. It broke my heart.

8)  I could feel her pain in every single word and it just broke my heart.

9)  It's a book that will break your heart, and warm your soul.

10)  They're supposed to trample your tender feelings, break your heart. It's their job.

11)  People can hurt you and break your heart, and sometimes they will. But only YOU can allow them to continuously hurt ...

12)  When they were taken away, it nearly killed her. It broke her heart.

13)  The guy who broke her heart five months ago when he dumped her for no reason.

14)  He was going for full custody of the kids, which broke her heart.

15)  Seeing his precious home go to waste broke his heart so extensively, he began to weep.

16)  I'm sure he's in so much pain now, that girl broke his heart.

17)  As someone wrote in another post, after claiming she broke his heart, he was in another relationship in 2 weeks.

18)  When you break a promise to your mother, you also break her heart.

19)  That means one day you'll leave her for somebody else and break her heart and that can't happen.

20)  I don't want to break her heart by separating her from her father because they are very close.