to bring up the rear

Idiom Definition 1

Idiom Definition - bring up the rear

"to bring up the rear"

to be at the very end of a line of people moving from one place to another


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Idiom Definition 2

Idiom Definition - bring up the rear

"to bring up the rear"

to be the last in a line or sequence


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - bring up the rear

Two daycare workers are talking ...

Worker 1:  How was your outing?

Worker 2:  It was great.  The children had a lot of fun.

Worker 1:  Don't you worry about children wandering off?

Worker 2:  Not really.  I always bring up the rear so that I can always be watching the children carefully.

Worker 1:  Good plan.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - bring up the rear

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  How is your department doing with meeting its performance goals?

Colleague 2:  Not very well. We are bringing up the rear.

Colleague 1:  You mean you are last place in the standings?

Colleague 2:  Yes. Trade marketing made eighty-seven percent of their target. The commercial law department made eighty-two percent of theirs. Sales made seventy-six percent of theirs and we are in last place making only seventy-three percent of our target.

to bring up the rear - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   293   click for frequency by country

to bring up the rear - Gerund Form:

Bringing up the rear was Albert's preferred position on the hike.

Bringing up the rear with a score of only ten percent was Alice.

to bring up the rear - Examples:

1)  Only ax man stayed behind, bringing up the rear.

2)  ... followed by the young, with the gander, or male, bringing up the rear.

3)  Again, every team received at least one vote, with Pittsburgh bringing up the rear of the line with its two ballots.

4)  ... the four children marching behind, a maid and errand-boy bringing up the rear.

5)  Instead of innovating, it's bringing up the rear. No wonder Apple and Google and now even Microsoft have chosen to ignore it.

6)  ... percent and the MacBook Air or Pro with 14.4 percent, and bringing up the rear was the Apple TV and Mac Mini on 3.4 percent.

7)  ... community, which ought to be in the vanguard, is instead bringing up the rear.

8)  An untidy room meant bringing up the rear. Our room got us to second in the queue on one occasion and we ...

9)  The leader doesn't wait for those following; the bear bringing up the rear knows it must keep up or be left behind.

10)  ... navigated the herd, following the course set by the foreman. Bringing up the rear were three steady cowboys whose job it was " to look out for the weaker ...

11)  ... Canada last year with earnings of almost $6 billion. Yellow Media brought up the rear with a loss of close to $3 billion.

12)  ... the rescue tugs, it was like convoy duty and they usually brought up the rear behind the convoy.

13)  ... the mercenaries came last, and those that guarded them brought up the rear.

14)  ... while the Liberals were up eight points to 21%. The Tories brought up the rear with 14%.

15)  However, they brought up the rear of the delegation behind 14 men.

16)  That is, they said that some slower people might bring up the rear, but all were moving onward.

17)  ... edging Jill Stein on 16.27 and 15.99. Romney and Gary Johnson bring up the rear with 11.15.

18)  ... are on a par with bankers 21%. Journalists and estate agents bring up the rear with 13% each.

19)  Many runners are embarrassed or ashamed to bring up the rear -- to the point that they will switch training groups.

20)  Safety does not bring up the rear in large truck operations -- the more efficient movement of freight goes hand-in-hand with fewer accidents.