burning question

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - burning question

"burning question"

a question whose answer is of great interest to everyone;

a question that very much needs to be answered


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - burning question

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  I wonder when Oscar is going to retire? He turned sixty-five last year. He must have other things other than work that he would like to do in life.

Colleague 2:  The question is not when he will retire because that is coming soon. The burning question is who will get his job.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - burning question

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  How long have Garry and Cynthia been dating now?

Friend 2:  I guess for about three years.

Friend 1:  And do you think they will stay together?

Friend 2:  There is no doubt about that. They love each other very much. I think the burning question here is when they are going to get married.

burning question - Usage:


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burning question - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for burning question.

burning question - Examples:

1)  And this neat little metaphor brings us to another burning question: what shape is the universe? Is it flat - or curved like ...

2)  ... numerous ethical issues involved in the manufacture of its products? This is an increasingly burning question.

3)  ... a lecture in person -- apart from the fact that if you do have a burning question, you can't raise your hand to get it answered. These video ...

4)  By then, I'd written six mysteries. And I asked him my burning question. "Does it ever get easier?"

5)  This game finally answers the burning question, why are the forest rivers in Mario's world filled with poison?

6)  So, if you have a burning question for the founder of Minecraft, now is the time - get your questions ...

7)  This is your chance to pitch your novel or ask that one burning question. You know you'll get a candid and professional answer.

8)  Do you have a burning question for Jim in these last few days before the book's release?

9)  ... into evidence that will shock you, anger you, and leave you with one burning question: why are we still allowing mercury to poison our world, our children ...

10)  ... it's usually what you don't want to hear or face. Asking a burning question can open the door to a whirlwind.

11)  It's a burning question because it's something that actually affects my life.

12)  ... needs to be tailored to the students' age and grade level. The burning question is: how much homework should teachers assign to students?

13)  This could send me back to academia, another burning question I just HAVE to find the answer to.

14)  What to give? Then comes the eternal burning question of what do you give to these graduating seniors?

15)  Then you have the burning question about what precisely constitutes science fiction, because its boundaries have blurred into other ...

16)  The Burning Question. Is incineration a good way to deal with our trash?

17)  With lower-court judges starting to dismantle some legislation, the burning question becomes: What will the Supreme Court of Canada do?

18)  For all those people in between, there's the ever burning question: How do I have enough to be happy?

19)  Let's cut right to the burning question of which car will win the title of AJAC's Best New Car for ...

20)  ... work world has been lost. "Who are you?", becomes a burning question. Not only that, when people become unemployed, they may feel ...