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not high quality;


Idiom Definition - bush-league


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - bush-league

Two businessmen are talking ...

Businessman 1: How was your trip? Was your meeting successful?

Businessman 2:  I'm not sure.  I think the proposal was well received but I am not sure that I made a good impression.

Businessman 1:  Why is that?

Businessman 2:  Well, I thought that I'd save a little money at the airport and carry my own luggage instead of hiring a porter.

Businessman 1:  I can see how that might not make a very good impression on your clients. Not hiring a porter was a little bush-league of you.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - bush-league

Two football fans are talking ...

Fan 1:  Did you see the game last night?

Fan 2:  It wasn't very good.

Fan 1:  I know what you mean. The quarterback fumbled the ball fourteen times.

Fan 2:  That's bush-league.

bush-league - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   101   click for frequency by country

bush-league - Gerund Form:

Being bush-league means that your work is sub-standard.

bush-league - Examples:

1)  The problem is at Rogers Centre it's all artificial crowd noise, which is bush-league.

2)  Let's get real and not look bush-league.

3)  At the End of the Street isn't a poorly structured film, but it's bush-league. Its scares are few and far between.

4) The statement  "screwing someone at the station" makes it very clear that you are a bush-league hack.

5)  This is bush-league, sewage-drenched politics at its very worst.

6)  Their trial by fire in China has armored them against the kind of bush-league jiggery-pokery that the fuzzy bunnies in Florida -- myself included -- came up with.

7) They blasted Mitt Romney with an invective that accused the Republican presidential nominee of being a bush-league lightweight on military tactics. 

8)  Did they really believe that either of those firings would effect a change from the bush-league performances and embarrassing defeats practiced by these stressed and confused players. 

9)  You're also going to alienate sponsors who will begin to see this as a bush-league, radioactive operation.

10) We are puzzled at the disparity between our own personal experience, and the bush-league plays that seem to be ignored by the coaching staff. 

11)  Russia captain Andrey Arshavin has officially apologized for the team's bush-league performance at Euro 2012.

12)  He followed through later with an earlier promise to go through and review all the Bush-league mechanisms that aren't constitutional

13)  I won't have to explain the Bush bumbling, bungling, bush-league blunder in Iraq.

14)  Choice rode 1 million kilometres raising $10M in the same fund-raiser. Makes Abbott look bush league in comparison.

15)  Show some class; that was bush league leaving the floor before the game ended and not shaking hands.

16)  A letter of retraction is not an apology, and the misspelling is just bush league.

17) The fact that it doesn't run 24/7 is not only bush league, but could actually be putting lives at risk. 

18)  He is bush league and is a disgrace to the game.

19)  Whoever designed it should be fired. This type of reporting is absolutely bush league and counterproductive to its intended purpose.

20)  I can say something about tenure at first rate vs. bush league (like where I am now) research universities.