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Idiom Definition - busybody


a person who is very interested in other people's private lives and activities, and tries to get involved in them in a way that is annoying


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - busybody

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Can you believe what we are hearing? It sounds like Jim is cheating on Amy.

Friend 2:  We have to tell Amy.

Friend 1:  It will be difficult to explain how we learned this.  Amy may just accuse us of being busybodies and tell us to mind our own business.

Friend 2:  We absolutely must get involved.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - busybody

An executive and his assistant are talking ...

Executive:  Ms Johnson! Whatever are you doing?

Assistant:  I was eavesdropping on your meeting and thought that you were going to get into trouble if this document was discovered.

Executive: You misunderstood the situation completely. That document is actually going to get me a promotion. Or it was until you shredded it.

Assistant:  I guess I shouldn't have been such a busybody. Sorry.

busybody - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   269   click for frequency by country

busybody - Gerund Form:

Being a busybody you know what all your neighbors are doing in their private lives.

busybody - Examples:

1)  Doris Roberts does not disappoint as the yenta (busybody) who gets Eli to open up and share his feelings.

2)  Who's next on this "busybody's" list? He should learn to keep his nose out of matters that ...

3)  No, it's just another case of a busybody neighbour and petty bureaucrats with an exaggerated idea of their importance.

4)  ... probably late thirties/early forties have to be the most intense period of life changes and busybody interference and questioning.

5)  ... their personal safety are on the line. The very idea of some smug busybody rooting through my health or financial records, motivated by curiosity on her downtime ...

6)  What a meddling little busybody.

7)  ... is a nasty busybody who is jealous of her husband's relationship with his sisters.

8)  They are both still under pressure -- from a busybody state and a centralising university bureaucracy.

9)  ... liberals so obsessed with people's tax returns? Is it just part of their busybody nature?

10)  And that is where I stopped being an observer and became an interfering, meddlesome busybody.

11)  The failure here is societal. Some busybody with a chip on the shoulder made an assumption and called the cops.

12)  But when an unelected fat busybody presumes to intrude herself, to lecture me on what to eat to stay fit ...

13)  Because nobody likes a busybody even if he fancies himself a "defender of liberty."

14)  ... have to think the guy trying to stop a woman from getting beaten is a busybody to conclude that he probably should have minded his own business.

15)  You're a busybody old woman. Keep your nose out of my business from now on!

16)  Steve would call me a busybody or gadfly. I like to think of myself as a social pollinator.

17)  ... no parent returned I would call the cops. It doesn't make me a busybody. It makes me someone who doesn't want to see a child die.

18)  The busybody, our patron saint, was ostracized because she was just too interested.

19)  I can't really think that he was a bully, he's just a busybody, and a smug douche.

20)  No one should be a busybody and try to influence your decision, nor should anyone criticize your decision when you ...