to buy something for a song

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - buy for a song

"to buy something for a song"

to pay a very little amount to obtain something


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - buy for a song

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  I just heard that the company bought one of its subsidiary companies.

Colleague 2:  How much did the company pay?

Colleague 1:  Our company bought it for a song. They paid only twenty percent of the fair market value.

Colleague 2:  Good deal.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - buy for a song

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  I am about to buy the car of my dreams.

Friend 2:  How can you afford that?

Friend 1:  The guy I am buying it from is desperate for money and is willing to let me buy the car for a song if I pay cash today.

Friend 2:  How much will you pay?

Friend 1:  Eight thousand dollars.

Friend 2:  Amazing. The average list price for that car is twenty-five thousand dollars.

to buy something for a song - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   24   click for frequency by country

to buy something for a song - Gerund Form:

Buying a used car for a song makes a person wonder about the quality of it.

to buy something for a song - Examples:

1)  Melbourne is much more affordable. A Toorak mansion can be bought for a song: only $2.8 million. # But it's 12th among the top 25.

2)  ... other day and she was showing me her new digital camera, bought for a song at a big department store in Sydney.

3)  ... see them retire well. Lets give them the affordable houses you bought for a song and now charge an arm and leg for. 

4)  Bought it for a song because the engine was basically worn out.

5)  I'm more likely to use the rather battered food processor I bought for a song at Woolies.

6)  ... were worn out patting ourselves on the back. "We bought it for a song," we beamed.

7)  ... plantations in the island were going for a song. He bought four and could now fully control his company's tea's quality.

8)  ... asset strippers and profiteers who bought it for a song.

9)  And we're not talking about depressed areas where you can buy a house for a song.

10)  When a schooner went down carrying piles of timber he bought it for a song, reclaiming both boat and lumber.

11)  Owner Tom Ricketts bought the team for a song in 2009 and has probably tripled his money.

12)  People who bought them for a song 60 years ago are now seeing them go up.

13)  They bought it for a song ($2,000) and replaced the gas tank and entire fuel system, including carburetors. 

14)  Once the white homeowners were good and scared, the real estate agents bought those houses for a song, and sold them to ...

15)  He bought it for a song (now in hindsight) right before it exploded in popularity. 

16)  ... they're losing out on some tasty wine that they can buy for a song (This one can be had for 5.70 on this Spanish website, ...

17)  I'm developing survival tool kits for people to buy for a song at local produce markets. 

18)  And they bought the ranches, bought the water, for a song. These ranchers were so poor, just trying to eke out a living up here.

19)  All the people who owned the shacks on the beach left and then the people who bought them for a song were millionaires with lawyers who ...

20)  It has been vacant at least since Haslett-Rudiano bought it for a song at a tax sale 37 years ago during the city's fiscal crisis.