to call it a day

Idiom Definition

"to call it a day"

to decide to stop what you are doing (often work)

Idiom Definition - to call it a day


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to call it a day

Two colleagues are working on a huge project ...

Colleague 1: Well, we've been working since eight o'clock this morning and it's now eight o'clock at night.  Let's call it a day, shall we?

Colleague 2: Good idea!  I'm tired and would like to get something to eat.

Colleague 1: OK. We still have a lot of work to finish but we can do it tomorrow.  Good night.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to call it a day

Two friends, who are on a canoe trip, are talking over their plans for the day ...

Friend 1: Alright.  It's six o'clock and breakfast is almost finished.

Friend 2: What's the plan for today?

Friend 1: Looking at the map, I'd say that we should paddle until at least this set of rapids before calling it a day.

Friend 2: Could be a long day depending on conditions.

Friend 1: Let's see how it goes.

to call it a day - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   1,707   click for frequency by country

to call it a day - Gerund Form:

Calling it a day when all the work is finished is appropriate.

to call it a day - Examples:

1)  I buy my ticket, enjoy the play or concert, and call it a day. For me, it is essentially a one-night stand.

2)  It was about 8:15 pm when we decided to call it a day and head for the ramp.

3)  As R.E.M., and as lifelong friends and co-conspirators, we have decided to call it a day as a band.

4)  You need to have a serious desire enough, when all are saying lets call it a day you will say good morning I am ready to work now.

5)  So we thought we'd just call it a day and decided that we'd come again another day.

6)  If that is the case I will just get a better router and call it a day.

7)  It was nice while it lasted. Time to call it a day.

8)  We decided to call it a day and what a great day I had today.

9)  I'll just include as many of those ingredients as I can find and call it a day.

10)  The deputies then told them they should quit immediately, and "call it a day". 

11)  Just post something that catches attention, draws readers to our site, and call it a day.

12)  I'm not about to call it a day. I will keep trying to remain in the system.

13)  Don't think that you can send in an essay and a transcript and call it a day. Extensive documentation is a major piece of government grants.

14)  To me it seems more likely Emily Owens will air all episodes ordered than call it a day to save face.

15)  I normally go to one store, buy a season worth of stuff and call it a day.

16)  Surely Puck has enough money in the bank to call it a day and hang out with his family on the weekends.

17)  You can't just throw this bad-boy in the fryer and call it a day.

18)  I requested the individual remove the post in question and I would call it a day -- no harm, no foul.

19)  That way you can boost your productivity, and it's easier to call it a day in the evenings or at the weekends.

20)  Throw on an old white blanket and cut 2 holes for the eyes and call it a day.