to call the shots

Idiom Definition

"to call the shots"

to be in command;

to have the authority to make decisions

Idiom Definition - to call the shots


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to call the shots

Two coworkers are talking ...

Worker 1:  What's the matter?

Worker 2:  I had this great idea to increase production but the boss denied me the opportunity to try the idea.

Worker 1:  That's the way it goes sometimes.  The boss is the boss and he calls the shots.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to call the shots

A group of friends are organizing a camping trip ...

Friend 1:  There doesn't seem to be any organization in our preparation here.

Friend 2: It does seem to be a little bit disorganized.

Friend 1: Who's calling the shots?

Friend 2: No one.

Friend 1: Do you suppose that we should put someone in charge so that things go more smoothly?

to call the shots - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   1,962   click for frequency by country

to call the shots - Gerund Form:

Calling the shots can be a lot of responsibility.

to call the shots - Examples:

1)  Overtime is mandatory (unless I call the shots). Overtime is always a sign of mismanagement. 

2)  As great as it is to be self-employed and call the shots, entrepreneurs are sometimes answerable to other people.

3)  Because the publishers are publically traded companies, the shareholders ultimately call the shots when it comes to general policies.

4)  It's not the Rabbis who call the shots, it's the very-rich Jews, or those with access to their pockets.

5)  Naturally, the US wanted to call the shots, which ultimately led to increased resentment toward American hegemony in Europe.

6)  You get to call the shots, and they only get to say yes or no..

7)  You don't get to call the shots anymore..

8)  This is not confined to the performers or the music. Men also call the shots behind the scenes, in recording studies and on radio channels.

9)  I'm the boss, I call the shots.

10)  To him, it's the people who call the shots -- who decide what stories to assign -- who are the real culprits.

11)  The question is who's calling the shots here?

12)  Is it because their corporate benefactors are the ones really calling the shots?

13)  You might feel a bit out of sorts without your older brother calling the shots.

14)  This is all due to the Republican empowered Religious Right calling the shots in the US for the last thirty years.

15)  Obama forgets that its his own party calling the shots in Washington.

16)  Jake was the smallest but he still called the shots.

17)  In recent times it has been always Australia that has called the shots in their wonderful historic rivalry against West Indies.

18)  The fact is on mainland Europe it was France that called the shots.

19)  Steve really did run us. He called the shots.

20)  Germany is the de facto ruler of Europe. Kanzler Merkel has called the shots as the euro zone has stumbled deeper into crisis.