calm before the storm

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - calm before the storm

"calm before the storm"

a quiet period immediately before a period of great activity or trouble


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - calm before the storm

Two teachers are talking ...

Teacher 1:  It is so peaceful and quiet during this week before school starts again.

Teacher 2:  It is great, isn't it? The hallways are deserted and we can get so much work done without constant interruptions.

Teacher 1:  But we know that this is just the calm before the storm.

Teacher 2:  It will be back to total chaos and noise when the students come flooding through the doors on Monday.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - calm before the storm

A couple are talking ...

Wife:  You look relaxed. Have you got everything ready?

Husband:  Yes. The guest rooms are all prepared. The grass is cut and the patio has been cleaned.

Wife:  Great. So really, you are just enjoying the calm before the storm before my entire family arrives.

Husband:  Yes. A couple of more peaceful hours before the horde descends.

calm before the storm - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   292   click for frequency by country

calm before the storm - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for calm before the storm.

calm before the storm - Examples:

1)  Yet, for Jennings there was a strange calm before the storm, when he had taped 48 games but none had aired.

2)  But it was just calm before the storm. Noah was awake and crying again before our flight boarded.

3)  ... and the stage for the growing onslaught of people. Essentially today is the calm before the storm of activity tomorrow. That empty ballroom will be filled to capacity ...

4)  The peace around you becomes a peace within you and such calm before the storm can leave you calm in the storm if it strikes later on.

5)  With the frenetic polling and endless punditry, there may have been precious little calm before the storm but there was a greater degree of clarity after it.

6)  ... get a call for an emergency and all the doctors step outside waiting for the calm before the storm

7)  ... of Good Feelings" due to the lack of partisan politics. This was the calm before the storm that would lead to the Civil War.

8)  ... be hyper-vigilant, and especially when things are calm -- because it could be the calm before the storm.

9)  ... not be fooled by the temporary quiet of the Palestinian people because this is the calm before the storm of rage and a frenzied volcano.

10)  ... consider this season finale as more of a calm before the storm in the start of season 5.

11)  With that in mind, Schiff called today's economy the calm before the storm.

12)  Not quite a full yoga practice, but still a minute or two of calm before the storm.

13)  ... the week before Thanksgiving week is the calm before the storm. People are busy making preparations for the following week. 

14)  In any case, right now, it's again the calm before the storm. Greece was a practically crime free country up to just ...

15)  The novel's opening theme of an idyllic childhood is a symbolic metaphor for the calm before the storm. The sub-theme of change is apparent from the moment that a ...

16)  On the heels of this bold and disturbing announcement, you can feel the calm before the storm, as by this afternoon hundreds of thousands will re-occupy Tahrir Square.

17)  The preteen years are the calm before the storm of the more tumultuous teen years.

18)  Has it been a nervous wait or do you enjoy the calm before the storm

19)  ... but I knew all along that it was the calm before the storm because I wanted to do a big day on Friday.

20)  I suspect that this situation is a calm before the storm. An Hiatus that allows the present generation to depart the field ...