to calm down

Idiom Definition

"to calm down"

to move from a more agitated or emotional state to a less agitated or emotional state

Idiom Definition - to calm down


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to calm down

A husband and wife are talking as they enter a parking lot...

Wife: Oh no! Oh my! Where is our car?

Husband: Perhaps we forgot where we parked?

Wife: No! I know we left the car right here! This is terrible! Our car must have been stolen! We should call the police! We should call security.

Husband: Let's just calm down and think about this rationally. Take a deep breath ...

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to calm down

Two hunters are talking as they sit on the shore of a lake. Their boat is pulled up onto land ...

Hunter 1: Wow! That was quite a storm.

Hunter 2: Do you think the storm is passing?

Hunter 1: Yes. The wind has diminished and the rain has stopped. The sky is also a little lighter. The waves have also diminished in size.

Hunter 2: Oh, I suppose you're right. The weather has definitely calmed down. Maybe we can get home by dark.

to calm down - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   7,660   click for frequency by country

to calm down - Gerund Form:

Calming down is good for one's health.

to calm down - Examples:

1)  I put my hands up in a surrender position and said calm down and that set her off even more.

2)  For me, Diana Krall's sultry, retro vocals always help me to calm down and unwind.

3)  Calm down do not get mad, be smart be subtle in what you want.

4)  The best way to calm down and take control is through exercise.

5)  Don't ask her to be friends right away, let her calm down, let her breathe, give her some space and wait.

6)  It doesn't hurt to put a conflict on the back burner until people calm down.

7)  Stress can impact your entire body. Calm down before you decide how to deal with it.

8)  Decide if you want to talk now or wait to calm down.

9)  Chances are she'll find your embrace comforting, and will calm down more quickly.

10)  Now, boys and girls, we need to calm down and control ourselves.

11)  Calm down and think about what you're suggesting for a moment.

12)  I had to learn to calm down and release my anxiety.

13)  Finally I was able to calm down and relax on my trip.

14)  I feel like I need about ten Xanax to calm down my excitement for the new album.

15)  Apply the advice from this article to help you calm down the next time you are feeling stressed out.

16)  Why don't you just calm down for five minutes and then let's talk about it.

17)  How can I get my child to calm down?

18)  I just wanted to calm down and get home and then seek the sanctuary of his sympathy.

19)  Now, soak in a hot tub and calm down so you can be rested for tonight's game.

20)  So we're trying to see if we can let it calm down enough to get him on the practice field on a consistent basis.