card sharp

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Idiom Definition - card sharp

"card sharp"

a professional card player who earns a living by cheating at card games


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - card sharp

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  You don't look happy.

Friend 2:  Neither would you if you'd lost fifty dollars playing poker last night.

Friend 1:  I thought it was supposed to be a casual game among friends.

Friend 2:  It was supposed to be but Allen showed up with an acquaintance of his who turned out to be a card sharp.

Friend 1:  Did you catch the card sharp cheating?

Friend 2:  No, he was too good to catch but I knew something wasn't right.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - card sharp

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  I bumped into Yves the other day.

Friend 2:  Wow. I haven't seen Yves for a long time. What's he been up to?

Friend 1:  He told me that he has been travelling and making money as a card sharp.

Friend 2:  Seriously? Yves is a professional card player. Sounds dangerous.

card sharp - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   14   click for frequency by country

card sharp - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for card sharp.

card sharp - Examples:

1)  ... was able to gamble his way to prosperity as a card sharp in the seedy underground gambling circuits of Demacia and Noxus.

2)  Maddon handles the media the way a card sharp cuts a deck - nimble and relaxed.

3)  Yes, yes, a card sharp is ...  Who knows -- is better at manipulating cards than anyone, ...

4)  I watched her hide the Body of Christ in her hand like a card sharp palming an ace.

5)  The other student shook his head and continued flipping the pen, like a card sharp idly honing his dexterity.

6)  What is this guy, some kind of degenerate gambler? Reformed card sharp? He doesn't look too effective to me.

7)  They were still cold, unreadable, like the eyes of a professional card sharp she'd known once, ...

8)  ... who sat calmly in his chair, his face as expressionless as a professional card sharp, his hands in his lap.

9)  From my recollection, aren't you the card sharp... the golf hustler... the pimp from Beverly Hills?

10)  Lake Taylor coach Kenny Brown isn't a card player, but on Friday night he made a bluff that would make a card sharp smile.

11)  He plays the dialogue like a card sharp palming an ace.

12)  She enjoyed bingo, but those closest to her knew her as a ruthless card sharp.

13)  Jack Farrell is a retired card sharp and dice mechanic.

14)  Faye crafted a life for herself as the galaxy's best card sharp and gambler.

15)  “She was a card sharp,” Cookie said. “She would always win.”

16)  A card sharp who cheated casinos including London's Playboy Club out of tens of thousands of pounds at the poker table has been jailed for 18 ...

17)  It's a bit like a card sharp's conjuring trick and the suckers being fleeced are our local councils.

18)  TV MAGICIAN Dynamo has revealed that he was recruited as a card sharp by a Bradford gang when he was just 14.

19)  Now the blind card sharp is considered the most well-known and respected card manipulation expert by relying only on his mind-blowing sense ...

20)  The latter card sharp came from out of nowhere, won his entry into the 2003 World Series by risking just $39, and ignited an explosion of ...