carrot and stick

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - carrot and stick

"carrot and stick"

rewards (carrot) and punishments (stick) that influence someone's behavior


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - carrot and stick

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  I really like the incentive of cash bonuses for performance but being punished by being given the most difficult tasks when my performance is not up to standard is a bit de-motivating. Getting a really difficult task makes it really hard to perform well.

Colleague 2:  De-motivation is a risk that management takes when it adopts a carrot-and-stick policy.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - carrot and stick

Two parents are talking ...

Mother:  How are we ever going to encourage our son to do his homework?

Father:  We could use a carrot and stick approach.

Mother:  How would that work?

Father:  You know how much he loves playing video games. If he brings home good grades on his report card, he is allowed to have his game system. If he brings home bad grades, we take away his system until the next report card.

Mother:  I like the idea of rewards. I am not sure how he will react to the punishment, though.


carrot and stick - Usage:


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carrot and stick - Gerund Form:

Using a carrot-and-stick approach can be a great motivator.

carrot and stick - Examples:

1)  ... believe that the carrot and stick approach could overwhelm her nerves.

2)  I would say my management style is largely a carrot and stick style which is a combination of rewards and punishment as modes to induce ...

3)  ... get it right with the child and conforming to societal norms, constant correction using carrot and stick approaches, scolding and drawing her close in love must be there.

4)  ... not only allowed but encouraged. This meant that the weight control regime had both carrot and stick, pain and pleasure.

5)  Every decent deal-maker knows how to use the carrot and stick in negotiations. 

6)  If they choose to impose restrictions on the media, through a carrot and stick policy, one of appeasing and the other of opposing, ...

7)  The government has created a carrot and stick method to encourage people to take up insurance.

8)  Does it offer the right balance of carrot and stick to ensure meaningful change on the front lines of the anti-trafficking fight?

9)  Our challenge is to provide carrot and stick incentives that compel understanding and compliance.

10)  ... awareness campaigns, notified when they make an error. The alternative would be a carrot and stick or penalties and incentives path.

11)  The carrot and stick approach doesn't work any more and people need to be part of ...

12)  The main thing is that we must adopt a policy of carrot and stick against these crimes of rape. While we educate and cajole people ...

13)  ... the danger here is the funds would be dangled like carrot and stick that could be used for political considerations.

14)  It seems politically impossible to establish heavily subsidised public transport and impose the carrot and stick policies needed to get people to use it.

15)  Dealing with the Niger Delta challenge should be a carrot and stick approach, engagement and force where necessary. 

16)  A bit of double edged sword to do the right thing. Carrot and stick.

17)  ... any proposed legislation should recognise this and offer a mix of 'carrot and stick' -- fines alone are not the answer.

18)  My humble opinion and advice would have been to use the carrot and stick method rather than the kill and go style that has now exposed our ...

19)  ... needs to be checked quickly by adopting a 'carrot and stick' policy of enabling increased use of public and non-motorised transport and disincentivising ...

20)  Henceforth, it may be a combination of the carrot and stick with the latter becoming an increasingly more potent weapon with the passage of ...