to carry the day

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Idiom Definition -

"to carry the day"

to be victorious or successful


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Idiom Definition 2

Idiom Definition - carry the day

"to carry the day"

to persuade people to support your ideas or opinions;

to have your idea or opinion accepted by a group of people


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - carry the day

Two teammates are talking ...

Teammate 1:  Well, here we are. It is the big championship game. Are we going to carry the day?

Teammate 2:  Absolutely. I can taste the victory already.

Teammate 1:  I have been imagining how great it will feel to hold the trophy over my head when we win.

Teammate 2:  And imagine the celebration afterward.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - carry the day

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  I really did not think the board was going to authorize our big new project. It is amazing how you convinced them that it was a financially sound decision.

Colleague 2:  It was a team effort. We all did our part.

Colleague 1:  But it was your eloquence and determination to succeed that carried the day.

Colleague 2:  Regardless, let's be ready to get started on our new project Monday morning.

to carry the day - Usage:


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to carry the day - Gerund Form:

Carrying the day, the school football team won the championship.

Carrying the day, the new by-law was passed by city council.

to carry the day - Examples:

1)  It's our principles and our ideals that will carry the day once we get through the obstacle of the media ...

2)  What will basically carry the day for us is the high skill level as compared to our rivals.

3)  We know their weak points and we are ready to exploit them to carry the day.

4)  But our arguments did not carry the day. We now have to set out the best possible future for our ...

5)  Therefore, any candidate he endorses, will surely carry the day.

6)  ... now large cracks through which the truth sometimes gets lost, allowing a lie to carry the day.

7)  ... will not be a contest of small margins, the winner will carry the day in a landslide victory.

8)  They need to be reasonably certain the evidence is strong enough to carry the day in a trial.

9)  When all three powers agree, they usually carry the day; if they are divided, nothing happens at all.

10)  And appeals to economic self-interest can't alone carry the day in these kinds of things.

11)  We sat and discussed as a team and the view of the majority carried the day.

12)  It was their heated statements and speeches that raised the temperatures and carried the day it seems.

13)  The bill represents a thoughtful legislative process, where bi-partisanship and willingness to compromise carried the day, ...

14)  In Saturday's plenary vote, the equal marriage voices carried the day by 1034-462. 

15)  Their suggestion carried the day and the road has now been graded.

16)  They claimed any presidential candidate who wins such regions carries the day in major elections held in the country.

17)  ... and a simple majority carries the day.

18)  ... comes with its own kind of pressure. The team that overcomes this pressure usually carries the day in most cases.

19)  A simple majority on the referendum carries the day.

20)  And neither way carries the day; they just get in each other's way.