to carry through with

Idiom Definition

to carry through with

"to carry through with"

to complete an activity, doing what was promised


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Idiom Scenario 1

to carry through with

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: I'm really looking forward to the company initiating this new flex-time work option. With two children at home, I could sure use some flexibility in my work schedule.

Colleague 2: Don't hold your breath. The company has been talking about flex-time for years.

Colleague 1: And it has never carried through with its plans?

Colleague 2: Are you working flex-time now?

Colleague 1: No.

Colleague 2: Then the company has never fulfilled its plan to institute flex-time, has it?

Idiom Scenario 2

to carry through with

Two roommates are talking ...

Roommate 1: What's this? Is this the fifty-five inch high-definition televison that Jim promised to buy using his employee discount?

Roommate 2: Yes it is. Jim actually carried through with his promise. Can you believe it?

Roommate 1: It is awesome. We are really going to enjoy watching sports on this.

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to carry through with - Usage:


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to carry through with - Gerund Form:

Carrying through with their promise, the delivery arrived right on schedule.

to carry through with - Examples:

1)  It won't happen overnight, they still need to execute and carry through with a lot of the product pieces, but at least they now have ...

2)  ... but in having the fortitude and stick-to-it-tiveness to carry through with what we know is sound.

3)  The challenge will be to carry through with coordination and delineate clear goals and timetables.

4)  ... that by coming up with their own solutions, they may be more apt to carry through with them.

5)  Although he knew I was pregnant he still felt called to carry through with his commitment which showed such loyalty and courage.

6)  This gives them the feeling that they have reasserted who they are just by carrying through with your suggested action.

7)  And actually carrying through with these has made me less willing to toss out these promises.

8)  ... he liked the benefits of a committed relationship, but he had no intentions of carrying through with the ultimate commitment of marriage.

9)  When I really dug deep, I realized I had some fear of carrying through with this because I might not be able to produce the kind of work ...

10)  ... the child is easily distracted by extraneous stimuli; has difficulty sustaining attention, carrying through with instructions, or waiting his or her turn in games; ...

11)  ... equally dreaded concept known as New Year's resolutions. But what if you actually carried through with those "life-altering" promises you made to yourself?

12)  ... the ongoing work and contact can be just as important to ensuring the plan is carried through with.

13)  ... she was definitely on the right track. The problem here is that no one carried through with that good instinct and either dug a little deeper or avoided the story ...

14)  He wonders if anyone in the group carried through with their opening night pledge to become friends and get to know each other ...

15)  They did all seem impressed that we actually made the movie and carried through with what we said we were going to do.

16)  As a long-term plan, Moor hopes Ottawa carries through with its plan to build better bicycle infrastructure, including routes through neighbourhoods or ...

17)  Very impressive words. If he carries through with his word, this can only be a good thing for all of ...

18)  Children will be the victims if the government carries through with its threat to limit child benefit to the first two children in each ...

19)  Time will tell if he carries through with this.

20)  But it's frustrating to encounter a project with so much potential that never quite carries through with its initial promises.