to carry your heart on your sleeve

Idiom Definition

"to carry your heart on your sleeve"

to openly display your emotions or thoughts

Idiom Definition - to carry your heart on your sleeve


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to carry your heart on your sleeve

Poor Steve is suffering after his girlfriend Barbara broke up with him.  He walks around with his head hanging down.  His face looks so sad and forlorn.  It looks as if he has just been crying.

Steve carries his heart on his sleeve.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to carry your heart on your sleeve

Children are usually very honest and open.  When they are happy, we can see that they are happy.  When they are afraid we can see that, too.  We are never left to guess what emotions they are feeling because...

Children carry their hearts on their sleeves.

to carry your heart on your sleeve - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   21   click for frequency by country

to carry your heart on your sleeve - Gerund Form:

Carrying your heart on your sleeve can allow others to easily hurt your feelings.

to carry your heart on your sleeve - Examples:

1)  I carry my heart on my sleeve by displaying emotions openly.

2)  You carry your heart on your sleeve when everyone knows your feelings.

3)  He carries his heart on his sleeve if people can read his thoughts by reading his body language.

4)  She carries her heart on her sleeve when she is happy and smiling.

5)  We carry our hearts on our sleeves when we are miserable and frowning.

6)  You (all) carry your hearts on your sleeves when you (all) have a stormy brow.

7)  They carry their hearts on their sleeves after they lose a game.

8)  Yeah, but this is a business. I always carry my heart on my sleeve, but of course you have to be business minded as well.

9)  I carry my heart on my sleeve in probably every interaction that I have with people.

10)  I will be honest and carry my heart on my sleeve here and say that when this happens, I get very annoyed inside.

11)  But the truth is, I carry my heart on my sleeve. I had no idea there were bad people out there.

12)  I am happy to carry my heart on my sleeve, I give love easily, I give and take.

13)  So I suppose what I'll continue to do is carry my heart on my sleeve (although now haphazardly wrapped in some sort of protective covering).

14)  I carry my heart on my sleeve. I am brought up to be loyal and be truthful to everyone.

15)  I am an open book. I carry my heart on my sleeve. All those cliches apply to me. No secrets here.

16)  You carry your heart on your sleeve and are SO trusting.

17)  Ron, you are a great guy and you carry your heart on your sleeve, but your choice of words was inappropriate and insulting to staff.

18)  Like your Nana says, you carry your heart on your sleeve. Whatever happens sweet Lola Mae, never forget that your life is an adventure.

19)  Regardless of gender -- expose your vulnerabilities, carry your heart on your sleeve, and consider the point of view of the person you're talking to.

20)  So I say go ahead, carry your heart on your sleeve. Love blindly and recklessly. Fall in love, get your heart smashed.