to carry your own weight

Idiom Definition

"to carry your own weight"

to be responsible for your own life;

to do your own work without help from others

Idiom Definition - to carry your own weight


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to carry your own weight

Two students are talking about a study group they are involved in ...

Student 1:  What's with Alexander?  He never seems to be prepared for study group.  He almost never has his part of the work done for the group.

Student 2:  Yes. Alex is not good for the study group.  I think that if he refuses to carry his own weight that we will have to ask him to leave our study group.


Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to carry your own weight

A father is having a discussion with his son ...

Father:  Son, you are twenty-one years old.  You're not in school any more.  You don't have a job.  Your mother and I have decided that it's time for you to carry your own weight.

Son:  Do you mean get a job and my own place to live?

Father:  Yes.  Or you could get a job and pay room and board here, just as long as you carry your own weight.


to carry your own weight - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   52   click for frequency by country

to carry your own weight - Gerund Form:

Carrying one's own weight can be in interpreted as a sign of maturity.

to carry your own weight - Examples:

1)  The truth is that those cities do not always carry their own weight when put up against smaller cities who are hustling to make things happen.

2)  The hard-working players are shining examples to the rest of the players who don't seem willing to carry their own weight!

3)  All the artists on the project also carry their own weight and production values, something Break is very conscious of.

4)  You can openly confess a tendency to be impatient with team members who can not carry their own weight, or who can not contribute sufficiently.

5)  You want your children to grow up to understand that in human relationships they must carry their own weight and earn their own way?

6)  They should not be penalized by having to carrying the slackers. People should carry their own weight.

7)  They also ought to share traditional male responsibilities; that is, to carry their own weight and acknowledge guilt when they are guilty.

8)  In a just society, the onus is first on women to carry their own weight and solve their own problems.

9)  It also requires its member states to carry their own weight.

10)  As a test of character; one is to do what is expected, carry their own weight and endure.

11)  But darling, look at you. You've got to stand up straight, carry your own weight.  These tears are going nowhere.

12)  That, and the fact that you only have to carry your own weight.

13)  I express it as a philosophical agreement that can carry its own weight.

14)  I can cook great food, clean the house and carry my own weight.

15)  It's a challenge not having military babysitting me anymore but carry my own weight.

16)  I sed bo be the girl that sat on the passenger side of the car or didn't carry my own weight, but now I chose to do so.

17)  I forced the author in me to step forward and carry her own weight.

18)  If she isn't willing to carry her own weight, she is looking for a sugar daddy, not a partner.

19)  We can also ask for help. It's great for all of us to carry our own weight when we can, but sometimes in life we can't.

20)  Regardless if they are disrespectful with adult peers, strangers or known, as they can be expected to carry their own weight.