to catch up on something

Idiom Definition

"to catch up on something"

to do something in order to become current with something that you have not had the time or opportunity to do

Idiom Definition - to catch up on something


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to catch up on something

You have been working very hard lately.  You have been spending ten to twelve hours a day at work, six days a week.  When you are not at work, you are busy doing all your personal chores.  You fall, exhausted, into bed late every night.  As a result, you have not had the opportunity to study English idioms.

Do you need to catch up on your studies?

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to catch up on something

I have been out on a wilderness adventure all week.  There were no radios or cellphones or televisions or any contact with civilization.  Now that I have returned home, ...

I need to catch up on the news.

to catch up on something - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   5,287   click for frequency by country

to catch up on something - Gerund Form:

Catching up on the news can help you to be a well informed person.

to catch up on something - Examples:

1)  I catch up on my reading when I have many books I want to read and I have a little free time.

2)  You catch up on your work when you return from vacation.

3)  He catches up on his studies when he returns from a school holiday.

4)  She catches up on her housework when she had neglected it for a few days.

5)  The City Works Department catches up on sewer repair when it has the time and resources available.

6)  We catch up on studying new plays when we have been too busy to learn new plays.

7)  You (all) catch up on yard work when you (all) have neglected it for weeks.

8)  They catch up on their cars' maintenance when they have the money.

9)  We're trying to catch up on what's happening.

10)  I've been sleep deprived and tonight I'll catch up on it.

11)  If you missed the live stream, you can still catch up on the highlights of the sessions here.

12)  Seems like a good time to catch up on e-mails.

13)  After I catch up on all of my shows, then I'll be free to get motivated.

14)  I want a freaking weekend that doesn't involve me trying to catch up on something.

15)  I'll probably just catch up on some sleep.

16)  As summer begins to wind down, I thought you might be interested in catching up on various nutrition studies that have been released over the past few months.

17)  We are back up and running now and are catching up on work distribution.

18)  Last week I was catching up on the many blogs I follow.

19) Before leaving he was catching up on some hunting with his brothers and family time at home. 

20)  I was catching up on Sons Of Anarchy, did I miss anything?