to catch up with someone

Idiom Definition

"to catch up with someone"

to talk with someone who you have not seen for some time in order to know what that person has been doing in their lives

Idiom Definition - to catch up with someone


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to catch up with someone

Two friends who have not seen each other for quite some time are chatting ...

Friend 1:  Wow!  I haven't seen you for a long time.  What've you been doing?

Friend 2:  Well, I've got a new job, a promotion really.  I got engaged to Ian last year and we've bought a house together.

Friend 1:  That's great!  I hadn't realized you were so busy in your life.   It was great to catch up with you.

Friend 2:  We really should visit more often.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to catch up with someone

A husband and wife are making plans ...

Husband:  I really need to get going dear.

Wife:  I'm almost ready.  Can't you wait for me a little longer?

Husband:  I've got a couple of errands to run.  I'm going to leave now and you can catch up with me at the mall, OK?

Wife:  OK.  See you at the food court at twelve o'clock.

Husband:  See you.

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to catch up with someone - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   4,239   click for frequency by country

to catch up with someone - Gerund Form:

Catching up with your best friend can be a pleasurable experience.

to catch up with someone - Examples:

1)  He catches up with his mom once a week.

2)  She is catching up with the boss after her vacation.

3)  Have we caught up with the boss and all her news?

4)  Did you catch up with friends at the museum yesterday afternoon?

5)  She was catching up with friends at the museum yesterday just as the museum closed.

6)  The nice part about being home for the summer is that I am able to catch up with all those friends who live in Seattle.

7)  Booth is playing catch up with Christine who is quite pleased to be reunited with her dad.

8)  The political climate has shifted and members of Congress need to catch up with their constituents.

9)  I've read this book very recently to catch up with the series, so I have it still clearly in mind.

10) They were able to catch up with the individuals involved. 

11)  I should try to catch up with the developers this year.

12)  I promise to get better soon and catch up with you over a glass of wine and some fattening food.

13)  Police did manage to catch up with Canady later that afternoon.

14)  I can't wait to catch up with these characters.

15)  Stefan hurried to catch up with her.

16)  I may catch up with you today - maybe today will finally be the day.

17)  I have to go catch up with my friends.

18)  I was so busy working in Expo that I never got to catch up with you.

19)  That is all. Catch up with ya'll in a few years.

20)  My students catch up with a religious couple walking with their two children.