to chalk out

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Idiom Definition - chalk out

"to chalk out"

to outline the basic details of something


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - chalk out

A couple are talking ...

Boyfriend:  Let's just take off on our vacation. We'll just start driving and see what happens.

Girlfriend:  Do you mean no plans at all? No hotel reservations? No destination?

Boyfriend:  Exactly.

Girlfriend:  I am just not comfortable with that.  Maybe we could meet in the middle with a rough plan of at least a driving route.

Boyfriend:  OK.  I'm good with chalking out an approximate route.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - chalk out

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Are you going to the Population Summit tomorrow? The summit is supposed to start looking at plans for sustainable population growth.

Friend 2:  How long is the summit?

Friend 1:  Just two days.

Friend 2:  So the end result will not be a fully detailed plan.

Friend 1:  No. We hope to chalk out the strategy in its basic form and them form committees to get into the details.

Friend 2:  OK, I'll come with you.

to chalk out - Usage:


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to chalk out - Gerund Form:

Chalking out the basic plan before going to the effort of a full plan is a great way to get a synopsis.

to chalk out - Examples:

1)  The work of an interventionist is to chalk out plans and strategies that aid in helping an addict come out from the denial.

2)  The civic agency was supposed to chalk out and implement plans to decongest Old and central Delhi.

3)  If the airline does not pay by November 17, we will chalk out our further action plan.

4)  Mughal's studies in Pakistan have helped chalk out an approximate chronology of the changes.

5)  The day-long "dialogue session" is likely to chalk out the strategy ahead.

6)  ... it has been established that there is dire need to chalk out a fresh plan as the city has undergone a sea change in the last ...

7)  He also suggested that the government should first chalk out a plan consulting with town planners and experts before deciding the sites for new ...

8)  In the days to come we will chalk out plans to widen roads and other possible ways to ease traffic.

9)  The first priority would be to chalk out the structure of the programme, which has to be better than the existing ...

10)  Apart from cutting down on the number of trips, shoppers also chalk out their shopping mission before stepping out.

11)  The depression-era Dogville was merely an outline chalked out on a stage, whose reality the audience had to piece together from images.

12)  Without goals, and a plan chalked out you might be just aimlessly wandering about online.

13)  Every girl has career goals chalked out and they would love to discuss them.

14)  Once the vision is set clear, proper strategy should be chalked out so that Objectives will be achieved without any hindrance.

15)  I don't have any specific plans chalked out but it would be a family affair nonetheless.

16)  As part of the strategy chalked out so far, the state government wants to popularize application of paper mill sludge.

17)  There are plans chalked out but they are all tentative.

18)  I congratulate the university authorities most warmly for chalking out the event within so short a time.

19)  The authorities of the other degree colleges have started chalking out strategies for conducting elections in a peaceful manner.

20)  Planning means looking ahead and chalking out future courses of action to be followed. It is a preparatory step.