to chew out

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - chew out

"to chew out"

to scold someone harshly


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - chew out

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Who is the boss chewing out this time?

Colleague 2:  Eric.

Colleague 1:  What did Eric do?

Colleague 2:  He let a customer contract slip without getting them to re-sign. Eric had simply forgotten it.

Colleague 1:  Then Eric deserves to be reprimanded. That was an easy mistake to avoid.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - chew out

Two students are talking ...

Student 1:  Why did the teacher hold you back after class? Did you get in trouble?

Student 2:  Yes. The teacher chewed me out for poor behavior.

Student 1:  I was wondering how you were getting away with fooling around so much in class.

to chew out - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   417   click for frequency by country

to chew out - Gerund Form:

Chewing out an employee for misconduct is a regular chore of being a manager.

to chew out - Examples:

1)  ... first comes across as simply self-obsessed, the kind of person who is forever chewing out her personal assistants.

2)  ... getting ready to head home after a long day of screwing up and getting chewed out by Grissom and everyone else.

3)  Reduce or eliminate whatever harm she felt in this particular situation? Chewing out the bigot is NOT the only answer.

4)  ... marriage - whether he wants to go or not. He is afraid of getting chewed out by a counselor.

5)  Even if we had a tough practice and I got chewed out a bunch, I could always look forward to the walk home.

6)  ... sane judge would not only find against the guy who used it, he would chew him out and might impose sanctions.

7)  ... the boss is unpredictable and can be really mean to people. Current boss has chewed me out a few times, ...

8)  If we make even one little minor mistake, he chews us out in front of other employees and sometimes customers.

9)  ... please don't lecture me or think you're doing me a favor by chewing me out.

10)  I was having a laugh because I saw him chew out a couple of guys in my class for misbehaving.

11)  Not always, sometimes runners will ring me up and chew me out for not having the required gear that other events have.

12)  I'm waiting for the day she decides to chew someone out for parking in an accessible spot without a tag.

13)  Don't chew people out in public. Don't berate them where their fellows can see it.

14)  He paused for a second, considering chewing her out over it but he was tired and couldn't summon the necessary antagonism.

15)  ... and not only visit their work stations to chew them out when something goes wrong.

16)  When you fail to show up for work on time and the boss chews you out, a typical defence might be ...

17)  If I am angry at someone and pride myself for not chewing them out, but I am cussing them and cursing them within, I am ...

18)  ... have a problem with a employee they discuss the problem with the employee and not chew the employee out in front of all the other employee's.

19)  Other than chewing them out for being nasty cheaters (not usually a good idea) all you ...

20)  ... he'd call down here and chew a guy out if the scores were wrong.