to chicken out

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - chicken out

"to chicken out"

to not do something because of cowardice


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - chicken out

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Do you really think that Al will go skydiving with us on Saturday?

Friend 2:  No way! He will chicken out for sure.

Friend 1:  Why do you say that?

Friend 2:  Because Al is terribly afraid of flying.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - chicken out

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Have you asked the boss for a raise yet?

Colleague 2:  Not yet.

Colleague 1:  You said you would ask last week.

Colleague 2:  I chickened out. What if the boss fires me instead of giving me a raise?

Colleague 1:  If you are too afraid to ask, you will never know.

to chicken out - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   863   click for frequency by country

to chicken out - Gerund Form:

Chickening out of doing something you fear does not build character.

to chicken out - Examples:

1)  ... adding that Vaiko had chickened out because he knew he would lose.

2)  ... he never relented, never apologized, never cowed, never chickened out and certainly was never sorry nor rueful.

3)  ... an interest in me and last year asked me to do an exhibition but I chickened out. This year I bit the bullet.

4)  At night, it seemed even deeper. I chickened out and swam up to a depth of about 2m.

5)  ... the other influential party men and government officials have chickened out. Cowards! 

6)  It is possible he panicked or chickened out of killing himself. It is possible that he was disgusted by what he ...

7)  The queue was long and smoky and I nearly chickened out. # You won't win if you don't buy, I reminded ...

8)  Then suddenly, she began to notice that it was all deception and she chickened out of the race.

9)  Then all of a sudden they said we have chickened out of the fight.

10)  My first resolution was to deactivate my Facebook account for three months and then I chickened out, and dropped that horrendous idea.

11)  The cleric who has a tendency to chicken out when under pressure, ...

12)  I was tempted, not once but many times, to shirk and chicken out.

13)  ... there are people worse off than you, it doesn't mean you get to chicken out of giving life the very best stab at it that you can.

14)  ... it looks like we're going to do it. Fingers crossed they won't chicken out.

15)  What is the price at which major producers chicken out and slash output? 

16)  ... he should have seized the opportunity to start a real national conversation. Chickening out instead did him no political good.

17)  It was not fear of the job; I wasn't chickening out.

18)  One never gives up before this prospect, chickening out easily.

19)  Clearly can't you see that they are rather chickening out? If they like they should agree for us to fight on 12th February.

20)  ... don't show up to answer the tough questions, it looks like they're chickening out.