(to be) clean as a whistle

Idiom Definition

"to be clean as a whistle"

to be very clean or pure;

to have no involvement with anything illegal or anything immoral

Idiom Definition - to be clean as a whistle


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to be clean as a whistle

After having been camping deep in the forest, Ralph's four wheel drive vehicle was filthy.  It was covered in mud.  Ralph spent over four hours thoroughly cleaning and polishing and vacuuming and dusting and waxing his Jeep.  Helen came to get Ralph for dinner.  Helen looked over the vehicle and said...

"That's amazing Ralph.  Your Jeep is as clean as a whistle"

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to be clean as a whistle

James has quit smoking recently.  Since going on the wagon, he likes to keep busy.  Today, James is working in the yard.  He has decided to prune some of the trees that have become very overgrown.  He wants to try out his new tool for cutting tree branches.    James removes the first tree branch.  The branch is cut off completely and cleanly without any pieces of wood hanging left over.  James remarks to himself...

"Impressive!  My new cutters took that tree branch off clean as a whistle!"

Idiom Scenario 3

The police are investigating Steve.  They think that he may have robbed a bank.  Steve tells the police that he has never been in trouble before and has never done anything immoral.  Steve also tells the police that he was at a party at the time of the bank robbery.  The police check Steve's story by asking Steve's friends from the party if Steve's story is true.  All Steve's friends confirm that Steve was at the party at the time of the robbery.  The police discover that...

"Steve is clean as a whistle.  His alibi is confirmed."

to be clean as a whistle - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   81   click for frequency by country

to be clean as a whistle - Gerund Form:

Being clean as a whistle means never doing anything bad.

Being as clean as a whistle means being very very clean.

to be clean as a whistle - Examples:

1)  I am clean as a whistle because I have an alibi.

2)  You are clean as a whistle because you do nothing immoral.

3)  He is as clean as a whistle when he showers.

4)  She is as clean as a whistle when she bathes.

5)  The car is as clean as a whistle when it is spotless.

6)  We are clean as whistles because we play soccer at that time.

7)  You (all) are clean as whistles because you (all) are good citizens.

8)  They are clean as whistles when they are born.

9) Her coat is rich and glossy and her ears as clean as a whistle

10) We found our tight-lidded tin of bannock opened and as clean as a whistle

11)  I have no record, I'm clean as a whistle.

12)  Make sure your bowl and whisks are as clean as a whistle.

13) Everything was properly locked or stored away, the factory was clean as a whistle, and the fans that were usually turned off were humming away. 

14)  So no case to answer, clean as a whistle in the eyes of the SFA.

15)  I'd downloaded and found them to be as clean as a whistle, also, so far, the screensavers have given me no trouble.

16)  UMNO's official stand would still be, Najib is clean as a whistle as far as Althantuya's murder is concerned.

17)  So far only the army has come out clean as a whistle.

18)  My plate was as clean as a whistle!

19)  Tottenville is as clean as a whistle and quiet.

20)  In many ways he was clean as a whistle, but like Obama, it's all for show.