clear sailing

Idiom Definition

"clear sailing"

smooth and easy, trouble-free progress with an activity or plan;

easy to do or achieve

Idiom Definition - clear sailing


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - clear sailing

Two businesswomen are talking ...

Freda: That was a huge effort we made to connect all the players and get them to sit down at the same table.

Barbara: Yes it was! It took us three months of solid work.

Freda: Everyone looked impressed by the proposal. I think they'll all sign the contract.

Barbara: With most of our work finished, it looks like clear sailing for us.

Freda: I agree. We just need that contract signed.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - clear sailing

Two sailors are talking about their journey ...

Juan: Wow, that sure was an awesome trip.

Marco: I'm not sure I really appreciated all the storms. It was a little frightening at times.

Juan: We can see our journey's end from here. The sun is shining and the seas are calm. Looks like clear sailing now.

Marco: Thank goodness!

clear sailing - Usage:


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clear sailing - Gerund Form:

Clear sailing is the best way to ensure success.

clear sailing - Examples:

1)  Even if the changes are implemented it is still unlikely to be all clear sailing for employers.

2)  So far, it's been clear sailing. If our personal load (stress) is increased, we become overloaded and clear sailing becomes threatened.

3)  After you manage to cross Boundary, it's all clear sailing until you get to Great Northern Way.

4)  That is not to say that Romney has clear sailing to the presidency.

5) Government and industry again looked forward to clear sailing

6)  Had the CRTC approved the deal, it would not have been clear sailing for Bell.

7)  However, once I got to Dalhousie, it was clear sailing.

8)  However, this does not mean we have clear sailing from here.

9)  Which does not mean it will be clear sailing if Romney gets in either.

10)  Forty years! But after that, it's clear sailing for the Jews, right?

11) It's clear sailing at 60FPS for competitive online play regardless of which version you pick. 

12)  It should be clear sailing for this team, who have started the season uncharacteristically well.

13)  But should that mean clear sailing for Liverpool? Probably not.

14)  But it's not clear sailing and it never will be in the Premier League.

15)  From the leader's point of view it is clear sailing because the pack is behind him/her and in front is only the challenge of the road.

16)  I have to empty out my system so that the doctors can have clear sailing.

17)  It was almost unnerving, such clear sailing into a dominant future, but a moment for the ages nonetheless.

18)  But apart from that it looks like relatively clear sailing to me.

19)  He had about 5-10 yards of separation with clear sailing to the end zone.

20)  The information from their partner is unreasonable and I don't think you should expect clear sailing when they violate that expectation.