to clear the air

Idiom Definition

"to clear the air"

to speak honestly and openly in order to resolve a difference or ease bad feelings in a personal relationship

Idiom Definition - to clear the air


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to clear the air

Ned and Grace have not been talking for over a week.  Ned must have done something to upset Grace but they have been married for a long time so neither Ned nor Grace really want to talk about their relationship problems.   Ned has been sleeping on the couch.  Each morning, they sit at the kitchen table with frowns on their faces. 

Do you think that Ned and Grace should lay their cards on the table and talk about their problem?  

Do you think that if they talk, they might clear the air between them? 

If they clear the air, will they feel better and improve their relationship?

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to clear the air

Multiple Sclerosis Society Meeting Tomorrow Night to 'Clear The Air'

The local branch of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada is holding a meeting tomorrow night in Your City to, as officials say, "clear the air" about the MS Society and its role in advocating for a new treatment for MS sufferers.

The "liberation therapy" has been called controversial by some, and a huge benefit by others.

Do you think that the meeting will clear the air

Why does the air need to be cleared

to clear the air - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   1,084   click for frequency by country

to clear the air - Gerund Form:

Clearing the air can allow bad feelings between people to disappear.

to clear the air - Examples:

1)  I clear the air at work when I detect feelings that are bad for the flow of work.

2)  You clear the air with your teenage child in order to live in harmony.

3)  He clears the air with your teenage child in order to live in harmony.

4)  She clears the air with her friends after they have had a fight.

5)  The school board clears the air when big policy changes take effect.

6)  We clear the air between us when it is necessary.

7)  You (all) clear the air when the gossip becomes too much.

8)  They clear the air when they wish to feel at peace.

9)  Very good article and a great way to clear the air between both parties of a debate.

10)  I just wanted to clear the air. On my side, I should have probably more clearly articulated what I meant.

11)  You see how much better things are now that we have cleared the air

12)  Thank goodness they cleared the air. Without a doubt, it was the single-biggest thought on everyone's mind.

13)  We'd both been struggling. Thankfully, it cleared the air and the distance between us just vanished. We were best friends again.

14)  We didn't see eye to eye, but we have cleared the air since, having been on golf trips together.

15) Walcott has come out in the open and cleared the air regarding these rumors, claiming them to be false. 

16)  They are innocent. I proved myself right. I have cleared the air.

17) This should have been sorted out at the beginning by being grown up, clearing the air and keeping the lines of communication open. 

18)  It's the first step towards clearing the air and opening the channels of communication to love again.

19)  Fights can be really healthy, and an important form of communication and clearing the air.

20)  Despite Dar clearing the air, military officials are worried.