(a) close shave

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - a close shave

"(a) close shave"

a situation where something very unpleasant or dangerous nearly happens


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - a close shave

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: Hey. The boss is coming.

Colleague 2: Quick. Hide the game screen and pretend like we were working.

Colleague 1: Did she see anything? We could get into a lot of trouble for playing computer golf over the company's network.

Colleague 2: No. I don't think the boss caught us.

Colleague 1: Phew. That was a close shave. If she would have come in five seconds earlier, we would have been caught.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - a close shave

A couple are talking as the husband is just arriving home from work ...

Husband: Get your things. We are going out for supper.

Wife: Really? That's great. Are we celebrating something?

Husband: Yes. My narrow escape from a close shave with death.

Wife: What happened?

Husband: I was driving home on the highway when all of a sudden an oncoming semi-tractor truck crossed over into my lane and was coming straight at me. At the last split second, I was able to swerve and avoid certain death.

(a) close shave - Usage:


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(a) close shave - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for a close shave.

(a) close shave - Examples:

1)  ... and drove along the A9 to Aviemore, having a close shave with an idiot overtaking in the other direction and cutting it rather fine.

2)  ... had a close shave when a bulk carrier broke down and was only metres away from crashing into the ...

3)  Despite fans wanting a finish from the champion, and despite a close shave in the third, the fight was an impressive shutout for the Canadian.

4)  ... do so by mere inches. It's as though I've had a close shave in some absurd monster movie.

5)  After a close shave by one of my relatives, the word 'cancer' is currently banned.

6)  ... claimed that they had either been knocked off their bike or had a close shave with another road user during the past month alone. 

7)  In February of this year, the SES 4 satellite had a close shave when its solar arrays failed to deploy correctly and the satellite had to be shaken ...

8)  After surviving a close shave when the flame blew close to his eyebrows, ...

9)  ... nearly everyone feels it will be a close shave on whether we go down or not.

10)  ... will be aware that it was a close shave, and one that they can not afford to repeat again.

11)  ... in 5 drivers polled by AA Motor Insurance said that they have had a close shave or collision while driving in fog with many drivers sharing that it is the weather ...

12)  Terence decided to take part as he had a close shave with skin cancer (malignant melanoma) surviving largely due to early diagnosis.

13)  Kokate was still rattled when he spoke to DNA. It was a close shave. They examined me even as I was shaking.

14)  ... plot to kill the police officers and escape. The police operatives had a close shave with death. 

15)  Abel's investigation, which begins with a close shave with a ritual murder, makes startling revelations of corruption in high places.

16)  ... elected representatives would need to agree on it. It was a close shave as we only had 27 members present that day.

17)  But there was one time where it had a close shave incident. In 1967. it barely survived an encounter with a swordfish, ...

18)  Like many others, I have also a close shave with death when I almost got knocked down by a car which did not bother ...

19)  ... realizing it had been a close shave for her husband, who was still dumb stricken by the narrow escape.

20)  ... some tears and a learning experience, to Sean, it's a close shave and a stroke of luck we didn't end up in Casualty.