come again

Idiom Definition

"come again"

an expression used to ask someone to repeat what they said usually when the listener wants to express disbelief

Idiom Definition - come again


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - come again

Two students are talking ...

Student 1: Have you heard that the professor changed the due date for our assignment?

Student 2: No, but that's good.  I could use a little more time to finish.

Student 1: Actually the professor needs our assignments a week earlier.

Student 2: Come again? Excuse me?  Is that even allowed?

Student 1:  He's the professor and can do what he wants.


Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - come again

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  I just got a memo that the company is cutting staff by twenty percent.

Colleague 2: Come again?

Colleague 1:  Yes, you heard me right, twenty percent staff reduction.

Colleague 2:  I can't believe that.

Colleague 1:  It's true.


come again - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   157   click for frequency by country

come again - Gerund Form:

Telling someone to come again means that you did not believe them the first time.

come again - Examples:

1)  Come again? In other words, every time you press the " Like " button, your vote is added.

2)  Come again? Pelosi says what she says -- that Republicans would have filibustered a budget.

3)  Come again? Indeed, there are only two match ups pitting ranked teams Saturday.

4)  " We're never getting off this planet. Come again? " Jack turned to Sam. " Can I have that in the form I can understand?

5)  Come again? Criminals with guns seek out places where people can't have firearms.

6)  The woman smiled. Come again dearheart? # You don't know what this is.

7)  " Come again?" "We can't send mail farther than 500 miles from here.

8)  Come again? Did you honestly expect Kristen to say " No the promo sucks?"

9) " Dean: " Come again? " Kevin: " Banish all demons off the face of the earth.

10)  Come again on being selfish? Who's being selfish?

11)  # Anonymous # come again? what? peaceful revolutionary # Please! The high road???

12)  " Come again? " Hearing her sing something so aggressive was surprising to say the least.

13)  The Wolf: Come again? Vincent: I said a please would be nice.

14)  Come again? If " everyone " is privileged, the concept of privilege makes no sense.

15)  Come again? My grandfather? My daddy? 

16)  Come again? Clearly this was a mistake. Me violate anything?

17)  Come again? This argument infuriates me.

18)  Huh? come again? This is not a typical request and this is not a good sign.

19)  Come again? You mean its good?

20)  A NEW CONDO in the Lower Mainland for less than $100,000? Come again? Yes, you will love life at LIFT Abbotsford Condos!