to come by something honestly

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - come by something honestly

"to come by something honestly"

to inherit something, often a character trait from a person's parents or by association with other people


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - come by something honestly

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: Harry sure seems to like to micro-manage everything.

Colleague 2: Harry has been with the company for twenty years and every manager he has ever worked under has been a micro-manager. In fact, the whole company seems to have the same philosophy.

Colleague 1: Then Harry comes by his micro-managing honestly.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - come by something honestly

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: Your wife is really pretty.

Friend 2: Thanks. Have you ever met her mother? Her mother, although getting a little older is still a stunning beauty.

Friend 1: Then your wife comes by her good looks honestly.

Friend 2: She does not even have to try, really. She was just born gorgeous.

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to come by something honestly - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   48   click for frequency by country

to come by something honestly - Gerund Form:

Coming by his surly attitude honestly, he is just like his father.

to come by something honestly - Examples:

1)  A beautiful woman.. I can see you come by it honestly... She gave you that.. and strength.. bless you!

2)  "And I came by it honestly," he laughs. "You try growing up an only child".

3)  ... later and I've also become a winging pom as they say. English people come by that expression honestly but it's true. They complain a lot!

4)  It's like my stunning good looks. I just came by them honestly. I was born with that.... and my humility, too.

5)  ... brother was a singer and he had his own band in Vancouver. So I came by it honestly and people would say to me, your older brother can sing ...

6)  If they have overtly racist ideas, they come by it honestly... by observing the daily actions of others and forming their own ...

7)  ... these ways is truly nothing to be ashamed of or judge yourself for. You come by it honestly, and if you could be doing things differently you would.

8)  No help at all with de-cluttering. I tend towards the pack rat... I come by it quite honestly. My mother is a pack elephant.

9)  I lived my life as if the Holy Spirit didn't exist. I came by that posture honestly, having been raised in a church that may have been ...

10)  ... his gentlemanly demeanor and his tireless work ethic. He comes by that honestly. Gustin's grandfather, Thomas, was a "German ...

11)  ... son is also strong-willed, stubborn and "mouthy".... all traits that he comes by honestly from me.

12)  Remember when we used to call her Ryan the Lion? She came by that name honestly with her frequent and ferocious roars of discontent!

13)  Also, she comes by it honestly, my dad always said I was vaccinated with a Victrola needle.

14)  She came by her compassion honestly, as her mother was the exact same way.

15)  The expression "come by it honestly" is usually used to suggest that a person has a like, dislike or mannerism that her parent or grand parent had.

16)  My mother and grandmother were both known in the community as good cooks so whenever I receive a compliment on some dish I've taken to the community pot-luck supper, someone is bound to say "Well, she comes by it honestly."

17)  "To come by a trait honestly" means that you are entitled to the trait, that the circumstances of your life produced it.

18)  He does have an unusual gait but he came by it honestly; his father's is the same. 

19)  The children come by their shyness honestly as their whole family are recluses. 

20)  His mannerisms are not learned. He was brought up that way so he came by them honestly.