to come of age

Idiom Definition 1

Idiom Definition - come of age

"to come of age"

to legally become an adult


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Idiom Definition 2

Idiom Definition - come of age

"to come of age"

to reach full, successful development


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - come of age

Two parents are talking ...

Mother:  We can't stop our son from joining the air force now.

Father:  Since he has come of age, no we can't.

Mother:  We knew the day would come when he turned eighteen.

Father:  Now that he is legally an adult, I suppose we just have to support him in his decisions.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - come of age

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  When you think about it, cellphones have really not been around all that long.

Friend 2:  And if you include the idea of access to data, the possibilities are just being discovered.

Friend 1:  The idea of smartphones is even less developed. Just imagine the possibilities when smartphones have come of age.

to come of age - Usage:


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to come of age - Gerund Form:

Coming of age in the modern world doesn't seem as important as it used to.

Coming of age, the project became successful.

to come of age - Examples:

1)  ... same opinion and the delay in having the referendum has allowed them to come of age and be able to vote.

2)  ... an aging U.S. population means that many DOD researchers who came of age during the heyday of the Cold War are nearing retirement, ...

3)  Jackson came of age during the civil-rights movement. She was valedictorian of her graduating class at Roosevelt High ...

4)  ... with the support of some younger friends who came of age in the world online social networks where geek communities have flourished.

5)  The book follows a young man coming of age in trying times on an Ojibwe reservation in North Dakota.

6)  And that voice is very much that of sixteen year old girl coming of age.

7)  But a generation raised on the free Web is coming of age, and they will find entirely new ways to embrace waste, transforming the world ...

8)  ... it was a quinceanera, a traditional celebration of a 15-year-old girl's coming of age.

9)  It represents Wonder's professional and musical coming of age in the early 1970s when he abandoned the Motown hit-making formula that had defined his ...

10)  Am hoping that things will be better for my daughter when she comes of age.

11)  As that generation slowly comes of age, the usual fire and brimstone of US politics will wither away.

12)  ... her life for him and gave him a protection from Voldemort until he comes of age (at 17).

13)  I also hope that green energy comes of age soon and that pioneers like Tesla survive and prosper, ...

14)  When his youngest child comes of age they inherit shares in the businesses.

15)  The generation born in the 1880s came of age in the cataclysm of World War I, bore the brunt of leading our nation ...

16)  The modern Jewish state came of age politically in 1978 when it was 30 years old.

17)  Africa has come of age in this field especially in adopting technology (eLearning) as a medium of developing ...

18)  ... are acculturated in our country about how men should behave, most men come of age without a clue about the female psyche and her psyche, ...

19)  ... such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets, that Wi-Fi has really come of age. In light of this, there's also the consideration of wireless technology as

20)  At the end the protagonist, although still in his 20s, has come of age, and replaced (one of) his father figures.