to come out of your shell

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - come out of your shell

"to come out of your shell"

to become less shy and more confident in showing your true character and feelings and therefore becoming more sociable and friendly


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - come out of your shell

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  That new account manager, Kim isn't it, doesn't talk very much, does she?

Colleague 2:  She is a little shy at first but if you catch her in the break room and ask her about her children she opens up a little and comes out of her shell.

Colleague 1:  So you have chatted with her?

Colleague 2:  Yes. I think she just needs some time to feel confident in her new position.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - come out of your shell

Two mothers are talking ...

Mother 1:  I am starting to get a little worried about my son. He has very few friends and spends almost all his time in his room.

Mother 2:  He's a teenager, right?

Mother 1:  Yes.

Mother 2:  It is not uncommon for teenagers to be shy and aloof. Give him time and he will eventually come out of his shell.

Mother 1:  That would be great because he really is quite an affable and friendly boy.

to come out of your shell - Usage:


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to come out of your shell - Gerund Form:

Coming out of your shell is necessary of you wish to make friends and enjoy a successful social life.

to come out of your shell - Examples:

1)  ... was reticent with reporters, but he was starting to come out of his shell during locker room media sessions, talking more often and smiling more freely.

2)  It takes a while for him to come out of his shell, but once he opens up he's a real nice kid.

3)  With my own son, seeing him come out of his shell, seeing him talk more, interact more, literally being in a better mood ...

4)  ... shy and reserved nature, but somehow he has managed to come out of his shell.

5)  The four-year-old can be slow to come out of his shell, but will soon come round if tempted with toys and food.

6)  I guess you can say she's has come out of her shell and you'll be seeing her truly for the very first time.

7)  ... and that's when she faced her biggest challenge, to come out of her shell and put her illustrations out there.

8)  She says the course helped her to mature and come out of her shell.

9)  Ultimately, it centers on a revelation that forces Lou to come out of her shell and embrace life as she has never done before.

10)  She started to come out of her shell and began interacting more with people.

11)  ... environment and the flow of wine throughout the night helped people come out of their shell.

12)  High points tend to be when young people come out of their shell over time, eventually talking about what is going on in their lives; ...

13)  She hoped the competition would encourage writers to come out of their shell and share their work.

14)  ... and ask for help when I need it. I've come out of my shell.

15)  ... and I would tell myself to be more willing to come out of my shell and dare to be confident.

16)  I used to be very shy. Charity work made me come out of my shell. I was enjoying it and people were cheering me on.

17)  I still feel somewhat shy, I'm trying to come out of my shell about it.

18)  I think it really forced me to come out of my shell. After the second or third school, it forces you to connect real quick ...

19)  People feel I am an introvert and take time to come out of my shell.

20)  ... confidence just performing in front of people and I really have come out of my shell.