to come to an untimely end

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - come to an untimely end

"to come to an untimely end"

to die too early or too young;

to die in an unexpected or unpleasant way


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - come to an untimely end

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Have you heard about Martha?

Friend 2:  I heard that she was battling cancer.

Friend 1:  I'm sorry to say that she has died.

Friend 2:  But she was only thirty-three years old.

Friend 1:  It was tragic that she came to an untimely end.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - come to an untimely end

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Have you heard about Kevin? He had a really bad accident on his motorcycle.

Friend 2:  Is he OK?

Friend 1:  I'm sorry to say that he died.

Friend 2:  Kevin was always so careful on his motorcycle. It's terrible that he came to an untimely end.


to come to an untimely end - Usage:


to come to an untimely end - Gerund Form:

Coming to an untimely end is tragic.

to come to an untimely end - Examples:

1)  ... reached rock bottom and something must give. Otherwise, she may come to an untimely end. After Martha is taken to hospital, ...

2)  Your authority as mayor has come to an untimely end.

3)  Means we'll get there faster (or come to an untimely end in a monstrous pile-up). 

4)  ... and that now that they've come to an untimely end in our kitchen, the rest of the slug community will be too terrified ...

5)  ... told the Ambassador that India was unhappy that a young life had come to an untimely end, ...

6)  Thus the women propagate the race, although every male needs must come to an untimely end before he can become a man.

7)  Jewad's life came to an untimely end at the age of just forty-one.

8)  Before it came to an untimely end, the cast of Betty Blue Eyes were able to put down their vocals ...

9) ... came to an untimely end at the hands of Mrs Fox. His swift, if not brutal death ...

10)  His appearances on BEN television were also extremely popular but this programme came to an untimely end when the very popular presenter of the show, Ms Janet Buerki-Narh, died.

11)  People say 'end' to avoid saying 'death'. She came to an untimely end (= died young).

12)  And if Xi fails at managing the course of China's currency, his entire juggling act will come to an untimely end.

13)  A number of them have come to an untimely end there, and likely caused a few car crashes.

14)  A Canadian TV legacy has come to an untimely end with Hyndman's death, but so too has an incredible partnership.

15)  The report also suggested that the actor's character might come to an untimely end than what was originally written in the plot.

16)  Regal makes sure that all the other flowers come to an untimely end before the judging.

17)  ... who just happens to be 46 years older than her, has come to an untimely end after a fall led to her admission to hospital.

18)  A clamour ensued, but the 41- year-old's life had come to an untimely end.

19)  Many are familiar with the legend of Duke Bluebeard, the brooding lord of a brooding castle whose wives all seem to come to an untimely end.

20)  ... and they themselves may have come to an untimely end far sooner either from drug addition or as a result of drug-dealers deadly rivalries.