to come your way

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - come your way

"to come your way"

to be encountered or obtained;

to happen to or present itself


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - come your way

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: There sure have been a lot of changes in government regulations and global supply patterns lately. It is making our industry particularly unpredictable.

Colleague 2: I suppose we had better start putting together a number of contingency plans based on possible moves in the industry. There is really no way to act on anything in this moment until we see what will happen.

Colleague 1: I agree and having some plans in place will allow us to act quickly whatever comes our way.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - come your way

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: Why are you packing your suitcase? Are you going somewhere?

Friend 2: In fact, I was in between assignments when the telephone rang and it was a prestigious magazine offering me a one-week photographic assignment in Singapore.

Friend 1: That's great. It seems that good things are always coming your way.

Friend 2: I know, right? I feel quite fortunate to get this opportunity.

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to come your way - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   6,790   click for frequency by country

to come your way - Gerund Form:

Coming his way this year is nothing but good fortune.

to come your way - Examples:

1)  How do all these interesting opportunities come your way? What do you do?

2)  And why do you think success has come your way when so many idealist planters never manage to become more than hobby farmers operating at ...

3)  Remember, nothing but bad luck will come your way if you do not share this with at least 5 people!

4)  Life continues and a new person will come your way.

5)  ... ambitious act as a superbly ambitious person would, take the chances that come your way, act on them and dream big.

6)  I think I've signed up to just about every site/tool that's come my way, and the reality is that you just can't sustain that.

7)  It was an honour that I would have never thought would have come my way and especially not at this moment in my life.

8)  I feel ready to take on any challenges that come my way and enjoy the satisfaction of making a positive difference in my personal and professional life.

9)  Many things in life that have come my way I've worked hard for and earned. I had goals and was able to ...

10)  Over time many cats have come my way, some I rescued, some I helped, some I adopted and others adopted ...

11)  ... and as a result we can rise above almost any hurdles that come our way.

12)  No matter what may come our way in this life, whether it be struggles, conflict, disease, or even ...

13)  They are opposite ends of the spectrum. So when positive affirmations come our way generally they are disregarded. 

14)  ... weren't prepared for the amount of activity and pressure about to come their way. They looked uncomfortable. 

15)  They try to support whatever requests come their way, giving tee shirts and stickers to school and community events. 

16)  He didn't waste the chance when it came his way

17)  Freelance projects also came his way: one-of-a-kind science centre displays, oilfield demonstrations, even a sewer overflow model for ...

18)  ... she was being recognized in her work and more and more opportunities were coming her way

19)  I see a modelling contract coming her way someday. A beautiful courageous girl. Well done.

20)  She simply finds happiness in every small positive thing coming her way, and she knows how to enjoy every bright moment she's given.