to come to light

Idiom Definition

"to come to light"

to become known;

to be revealed or discovered

Idiom Definition - to come to light


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to come to light

Afghan Treasures Come to Light

Lost Afghan treasures will go on display at an upcoming museum exhibit.  The rediscovery of the treasures was a surprise to museum officials. 

"We don't know how these treasures have come to light but we are happy to have these beautiful pieces of history available for everyone to enjoy." stated  a museum representative.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to come to light

Two legislators are discussing a Bill that they are about to introduce to government ...

Legislator 1:  Are we ready to introduce our bill today?

Legislator 2:  Actually, I don't think so.

Legislator 1:  Why?

Legislator 2:  I was doing some last minute checking last night and something has come to light.

Legislator 1:   What hidden secret did you discover?

to come to light - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   5,099   click for frequency by country

to come to light - Gerund Form:

Having a well hidden secret come to light can be shocking.

to come to light - Examples:

1)  The truth comes to light when all the facts are revealed.

2)  Our family secrets came to light last week when Grandma died and her will was read.

3)  The reason for the boss's strange behavior will come to light at the staff meeting on Friday.

4)  When disaster strikes and their affair comes to light, lives are turned upside down.

5)  General resigns as sex scandal comes to light.

6)  The issue in question comes to light from the Pentagram website where they exhibit and explain their work with Microsoft.

7) The story changes all the time, as new evidence comes to light

8) When a certain locale comes to light in the news, stories with that setting are particularly potent. 

9)  Imagine that!! The truth always comes to light as it did for him.

10)  The theft comes to light, along with other secrets, and the strength of their friendship is challenged.

11)  Just after the turn of the twenty-first century, an ancient parchment comes to light that throws doubt over the origins of the Christian church.

12)  Any new evidence that comes to light can not disprove the theory.

13)  Unless contrary information comes to light, Marinelli said, he is likely to approve the application.

14) Another victim of the underfunded public school system comes to light

15)  If a problem comes to light, it's critical that we can isolate and fix it quickly.

16)  The Financial Fair Play rule, if it ever comes to light, should do a bit to resurrect the situation.

17)  Hopefully the table will be filled in as more information comes to light

18)  My mind and hands are all a flutter as more and more comes to light.

19)  If additional information comes to light, the department may reconsider its decision at any time.

20)  The conflicting name which later comes to light could necessitate the Director ordering a change of the applicant's corporate name.