to cook up

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - cook up

"to cook up"

to fabricate or concoct;

to invent or plan


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - cook up

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  What are we going to tell our customer? The delivery simply did not arrive on time and that is our fault.

Colleague 2:  We will have to cook up some kind of story to cover our mistake.

Colleague 1:  Like a huge storm that destroyed a highway or a huge electrical blackout?

Colleague 2:  Exactly.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - cook up

Two scientists are talking ...

Scientist 1:  Well, we've got Phase 1 running smoothly and Phase 3 is ready to go. We just need some way to convert the process from the result of Phase 1 into something that can be introduced to Phase 3.

Scientist 2:  I suppose that we need to invent a process that will accomplish that.

Scientist 1:  OK. Let's see what we can cook up.

to cook up - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   1,552   click for frequency by country

to cook up - Gerund Form:

Cooking up a excuse for not having done their homework, the students concocted an outrageous story.

to cook up - Examples:

1)  ... that it is all the result of a big conspiracy cooked up in Washington.

2)  ... out how it was useful. I never used all that machinery which I had cooked up to solve a single relativistic problem.

3)  ... these speakers were all simply repeating carefully rehearsed slogans and catch phrases that had been cooked up by the establishment insiders and then distributed to each one of the speakers.

4)  It's a lie, cooked up in a criminal's troubled mind, with the goal of convincing significant numbers ...

5)  ... it gives the idiots who cooked up these frauds a great big laugh at your expense.

6)  I was just about to try to cook up some CSS to make the Share This plug-in work.

7)  I'm sure you could cook up something to authenticate the USB drive install by having an authentication token based on ...

8)  ... unable to find the right combination of words needed to cook up a politically acceptable escape hatch.

9)  Mathematicians had to cook up a whole new type of calculus for them. 

10)  ... we wanted to stay busy without having to wait for me to cook up another batch of songs for a new album. 

11)  ... the supposed harmful side effects of abortion, such as depression and breast cancer. Cooking up "scientific facts" in an effort to scare women out of having abortions.

12)  We literally can not afford that anymore. I'm cooking up a post on what I expect for the next four years.

13)  It's desperation, time to hit the panic button for liberals if cooking up theories such as these is all you have. Truly pathetic and telling.

14)  And, I'm beyond excited about the new experiences we'll be cooking up for you next.

15)  But we can't wait to see what other great UK artists have been cooking up for the symphony-esque show.

16)  ... cooks up half a dozen schemes to prevent the reader turning pages to get to the ...

17)  The ever-crafty Pseudolus then cooks up a scheme that will allow him to go free if he can procure the ...

18)  Gans cooks up some terrifying visuals throughout.

19)  ... and gets through each challenge, much to evil Jessica's annoyance, so she cooks up an impossible one to stop Robin in her big fat tracks.

20)  It cooks up a plan for a historically huge sell-down of shares in a key piece of ...