to cook your goose

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - cook your goose

"to cook your goose"

to cause a lot of problems for someone, or spoil their plans or chances


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - cook your goose

Two students are talking ...

Student 1:  You look very worried.

Student 2:  I am!  My roommate has gone away for the weekend and has taken all our study notes and materials for Monday's final exam.  I think I am in big trouble.

Student 1:  Your roommate has definitely cooked your goose.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - cook your goose

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Are you all ready for our big camping weekend? We've all been getting really excited.

Friend 2:  I have some bad news. My father said I could have the car if I passed my exam. I got an 'F'.

Friend 1:  Well, that cooks our goose. How are we going to get to the campground?

to cook your goose - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   31   click for frequency by country

to cook your goose - Gerund Form:

Cooking your goose is a rival's favorite pastime.

to cook your goose - Examples:

1)  But in the end China played him and cooked his goose leaving his reputation in the gutter and for someone of his ego this must be ...

2)  ... failure to connect with the Latina segment of the US population, 'cooked his goose.'

3)  Like someone correctly puts it Alai cooked his goose. It was just a matter of time before someone came down hard on him ...

4)  ... decisively answered Pharaoh's threat in the presence of people and cooked his goose by nullifying his Satanic plan. 

5)  ... electricity development in Asia, it is clearly coal that is going to cook our goose in the long run. Although there may be some worthy geoengineering projects, many ...

6)  When the slow clapping starts, you've cooked your goose. Maryan Street had the unenviable task of talking up the Government position.

7)  ... film would likely lose them $200m. Many have speculated on quite what cooked their goose, such as a poor marketing campaign, the incredulous casting of the relatively unknown ...

8)  ... and that the Tamils cooked their goose with the LTTE. But sadly, the hard-line Tamils will not listen to you ...

9)  Yet, they have not allowed such drawbacks to cook their goose. Instead, they've taken all that life has given them and turned stumbling ...

10)  ... who can and most probably will be out to cook my goose. Ross keeps talking about this loophole he's thought up, but still I ...

11)  The way I see it, Obama's goose is cooked. He's stuck. He can't go forward and he ...

12)  If federalist forces realize that the Liberal's goose is cooked, then a switch to the CAQ is merited.

13)  ... later the police access the footage and confirm the crime, the criminal realizes his goose is cooked and the trial is a formality.

14)  ... part of that social mind share you win, if not, well your goose is cooked.

15)  ... this is looking like very good news indeed for Apple's rivals. Apple's goose is cooked and Lyons knows the score.

16)  Scott felt his goose was cooked when it came to a promotion.

17)  As soon as he started to undermine the US dollar as reserve currency his goose was cooked exactly as Saddam's was.

18)  By that stage Ballintubber had quit as they knew their goose was cooked.

19)  And once the question was asked the Arab goose was cooked and the Arabs gave way to the Turks as Islam's defenders.

20)  His goose will be cooked if he doesn't return with evidence that the other man is responsible.