to crack a book

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - crack a book

"to crack a book"

to open a book in order to study or read


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - crack a book

Two students are talking ...

Student 1:  Alfred got another A on his exam.

Student 2:  He always gets top marks and never cracks a book.

Student 1:  I don't know how he does so well without ever studying.

Student 2:  Maybe he pays very close attention in the lectures.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - crack a book

A couple are talking ...

Wife:  Are you sure you know how to fix the plumbing?

Husband:  So far, I am not having any luck.

Wife:  Perhaps you should crack a book and find out how to do it.

Husband:  I suppose in such an extremity that I could study how to fix it.

to crack a book - Usage:


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to crack a book - Gerund Form:

Cracking a book the night before an exam is a common way to cram.

to crack a book - Examples:

1)  ... so if you want to speak to issues like this do everyone a favor and crack a book first, or at least learn how to use Google.

2)  ... disrupt students studying for exams. This makes a huge assumption that any UT students crack a book on weekends.

3)  ... certified in three other (STEM) areas and I don't even bother to crack a book the night before. My lowest score was 86%.

4)  Before they ever crack a book, freshmen are thrust into the community to help.

5)  Adding to the impressive nature of Moore's skill-set is the fact that he never cracked a book to learn any of his skills.

6)  What scares me is lack of learning. Obviously you've never cracked a book in your life.

7)  I needed teachers who noticed that I never cracked a book yet aced the tests.

8)  ... they were fairly casual movie viewers who had never cracked a book, ...

9)  ... high-school senior who doesn't believe in homework. In fact, George hasn't cracked a book all year.

10)  ... but she's the most non-literary writer I've ever known, and 'never cracks a book' as we used to say. She's never read anything that ...

11)  A talented few can sail through midterm season without cracking a book, but the rest of us have to spend at least a little ...

12)   ... , licensing, promotionals, etc without every taking a biz course or class or cracking a book.

13)  Lack of competition provides little incentive to study and many such judges never crack a book, ...

14)  She says she never had to crack a book until college, ...

15)  When is high technology the appropriate technology? When should you crack a book to get something other than a run-of-the-mill algorithm?

16)  ... then you need to find a new accountant and crack a book on financial accounting - because you clearly don't know what you are ...

17)  ... my second child, I just didn't worry about anything. I didn't crack a book, whereas the first time around, I was full of factoids.

18)  ... do some research from scientific sources, heck crack a book and do some reading and do yourself a favor; ...

19)  If you haven't cracked a book before now or if you just want to be as prepared as possible ...

20)  Well, that's just crazy. Any house owner who ever cracked a book would have known that he/she couldn't possibly afford a $500,000 house on ...