to crack down

Idiom Definition

"to crack down"

to become strict in enforcing the rules or the law

Idiom Definition - to crack down


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to crack down

There is a growing problem in our high schools.  With the increasing popularity and decreasing price of cell phones, high school students are spending more and more time in class sending texts on their cell phones.  Some people think that this is a problem.

Do you think that teachers should crack down on texting during class?   

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to crack down

Drug trafficking has been a major issue in the northern states of Mexico.  This trafficking causes violence and injury to innocent citizens. 

As a result the governments of both the United States and Mexico have been cracking down on drug traffickers for the past several years.  

Both governments have been committing more resources to the problem.  The governments have also been giving longer jail times for offenders.

to crack down - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   3,711   click for frequency by country

to crack down - Gerund Form:

Cracking down on drug trafficking in Mexico is necessary.

to crack down - Examples:

1)  I crack down on my children when they are misbehaving.

2)  You crack down on your students when they are not working.

3)  He cracks down on the building's tenants when they are too noisy.

4)  She cracks down on violence against women every day.

5)  The government cracks down on litterbugs.

6)  We crack down on crime.

7)  You (all) crack down on illegal gambling.

8)  They crack down on counterfeiting money organizations.

9)  An increasing number of TV makers are cracking down on "unauthorized" retailers of their sets, especially online.

10) Policy making in India has a bias against street vending with authorities cracking down on them harshly. 

11)  It seems wikipedia needs to consider expanding what it considers notable while cracking down on having so many web pages devoted to fictional characters and events.

12)  It means cracking down on Islamic "charitable" foundations that funnel money to militant Islamic groups.

13)  Sounds like Bush's efforts on cracking down on terror has worked.

14) A total of 846 Egyptians were killed during the mass street demonstrations when Mubarak's police cracked down on the protesters. 

15)  Eventually they bowed to international pressure and cracked down on cultivation.

16)  Developers claim that Apple has cracked down on what constitutes an external mechanism for purchasing.

17)  The Egyptian government, responding to administration pressure, cracked down on protesters in Cairo on Saturday.

18)  England cracks down on Jacobin extremists in England to safeguard the throne.

19)  As demonstrations and unrest seem to get out of control, the government cracks down by imposing a curfew in Dhaka.

20)  Is this the Canada we want? A country that cracks down on artists who speak up when they see a government policy that's wrong.