to crack the whip

Idiom Definition

"to crack the whip"

to use authority, often in a harsh or stern manner, to make someone work harder, often with a threat of punishment or reprisals

Idiom Definition - to crack the whip


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to crack the whip

Two managers are talking ...

Manager 1:  How are things going in your department?

Manager 2:  Not so good.  We are always behind in our work.

Manager 1:  Do you suppose that a little strong discipline might be in order?

Manager 2:  I guess I'll have to crack the whip so that we finish the work before the deadline.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to crack the whip

A father is disciplining his son ...

Father:  And why isn't your room clean?

Son:  I was too busy.

Father:  Too busy playing video games?

Son:  Umm ...

Father:  I'm sorry to have to crack the whip like this but if your room doesn't stay clean, I will have to take away your video games.

Son:  OK.  OK, Dad, I'll keep my room clean.

to crack the whip - Usage:


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to crack the whip - Gerund Form:

Cracking the whip if often necessary to motivate employees.

to crack the whip - Examples:

1)  I know what the Warriors do need a coach who will crack the whip, No more huggies and kisses making mistakes, week-in, week-out.

2)  We suggest someone that can crack the whip and make sure everyone has got their stuff in order.

3)  Bettman just needs to keep his group of 8 intact, he can crack the whip on the other 22 with threats of fines etc.

4)  As a company grows, the pressure to crack the whip and' get real' can really build up.

5)  ... and late nights due to having to crack the whip so as to make sure they did the job.

6)  Or do they still want to flex their muscles and crack the whip over those who have no might to fight?

7)  Good bosses don't just crack the whip or deliver a pep talk, they deliver concrete improvements in workers' ability to understand how they can help.

8)  Parents will crack the whip as they crackle the banknotes.

9)  Their indiscipline -- and his inability to crack the whip -- appalled voters and helped New Labour into power in 1997.

10)  Let's see if this tough cookie will crack the whip on the rest of the contestants.

11)  If this out-of-control industry starts to crack the whip, then another out-of-control industry is sent in -- the bailiffs.

12)  I'm confused, why is it time to crack the whip now when we have relative peace?

13)  If the manager was looking to crack the whip and " work me hard ", I knew the arrangement wouldn't last long.

14)  The administration must in this case crack the whip.

15)  He won't be a great PM if he doesn't have the will power to crack the whip on his corrupt colleagues.

16)  You don't need to crack the whip, but you do have to keep your student focused.

17)  This is where the Ministry of Cultural Affairs should crack the whip and ensure that the work gets under way under the canopy of the ceasefire agreement.

18)  To earn their support, all he needs to do is to crack the whip and turn Malaysia into a hardline authoritarian regime.

19)  The producer's job is to crack the whip and make sure we're finishing our tasks on time.

20)  Granted I should crack the whip and make the hubby do more, but oh well.