to cramp someone's style

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - cramp someone's style

"to cramp someone's style"

to restrict or prevent someone from freely doing something


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - cramp someone's style

Two college roommates are talking ...

Roommate 1:  I sure hope that you can find something to do tonight that keeps you out of our room.

Roommate 2:  Why is that?

Roommate 1:  I've got a guy coming over.

Roommate 2:  And you don't want me to cramp your style, right?

Roommate 1:  Exactly.  We would like to be free to do what we wish.

Roommate 2:  No problem.  I will go and study at the library.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - cramp someone's style

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  We have got a new department manager starting on Monday.

Colleague 2:  I hope she won't cramp my style.

Colleague 1:  You have become rather accustomed to having the freedom to work your own way.

Colleague 2:  I certainly appreciate our current boss's hands-off managerial style.

to cramp someone's style - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   130   click for frequency by country

to cramp someone's style - Gerund Form:

Cramping your style is what younger siblings do.

to cramp someone's style - Examples:

1)  Making Abhishek conscious of his mannerism will cramp his style giving more importance to form than content.

2)  Even Sybil's arrival in the city failed to cramp his style. Not only was he having an affair ...

3)  But he refused to let it cramp his style - and was soon rolling around in the sun to dry off.

4)  Campesinos claims not to let his sister's presence cramp his style, not seeming like the overprotective type.

5)  ... the season of feasting and there's nothing worse than having a tight dress cramp your style -- and appetite!

6)  You live with your grandmother, Diane, in Etobicoke. Does she cramp your style?

7)  ... USB hard drive even a small one is more reliable yet also larger and may cramp your style if you want a self-contained compact box as a server.

8)  Remember that a big buildup of debt can cramp your style for a long time after you graduate.

9)  Living with your children in retirement will surely not only cramp your style, but also put a huge amount of pressure on your kids, ...

10)  Don't cramp your style with additional camera equipment.

11)  ... the Prince of Wales brought his wife Queen Alexandra -- which may have rather cramped his style, the future monarch being a notorious philanderer throughout his life.

12)  His clubbed feet may have limited his activity, but it never cramped his style. As he grew older, Vikas began volunteering at the kitchens of ...

13)  ... chose the boat life because a house was too big and a condo would have cramped his style.

14)  But what if your potential as a speller is cramping your style as a communicator?

15)  Looking for the black and white ensemble? They even dish out fashion advice without cramping your style.

16)  ... decide whether it makes more sense to move or remodel. Your current home is cramping your style. Perhaps the family has outgrown the house, maybe you need more ...

17)  Laser hair removal, is it safe? # Unwanted hairs cramping your style? Shaving, waxing, and hair removal gels of course do the ...

18)  ... also trying to expand her beauty bar business and she refuses to let her brothers cramp her style.

19)  Ms. Wong strikes me as someone who tolerates old-fashioned standards unless they cramp her style.

20)  The government watches her obviously and aggressively, trying to cramp her style as she returns to daily life.