to crank up

Idiom Definition

"to crank up"

to start or commence something;

to increase the intensity or volume of something;

to excite or agitate someone in a knowingly manipulative way

Idiom Definition - to crank up


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to crank up

A husband and wife are sitting on the sofa after having eaten their supper ...

Husband:  Are you ready to watch the movie?

Wife:  Absolutely!  Crank it up.

Husband:  OK, here we go.

The husband presses the play button on the remote control and the movie begins.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to crank up

A father and young son are working together in their backyard ...

Father:  Well, I think it is time to mow the lawn.

Son:  OK, can I start the lawn mower?

Father:  Do you remember how to crank up the lawn mower?

Son:  For sure!  First, I put half-choke and then pull the rope until it starts.

Father:  Good Boy!

Idiom Scenario 3

Idiom Definition - crank up

Two teenagers are listening to some music ...

Teenager 1:  That's a good song.

Teenager 2:  Ya, it's new.  I just got it.

Teenager  1:  Are your parents home?

Teenager 2:  No.  They're out.

Teenager 1Crank it up, then!

Teenager 2 adjusts the volume of the stereo so that it is very loud.

Idiom Scenario 4

A politician who is trying to get elected to public office is talking with his campaign manager ...

Manager:  The newest polls have just come out.

Politician:  How do they look?

Manager:  The numbers are not so good.  I think we need to increase our advertising.

Politician:  OK.  Crank up the advertising, then.

Manager:  Alright.  I will buy more TV spots and increase our exposure to the public.

Idiom Scenario 5

A manager is talking with one of his employees ...

Manager:  Have you got that report finished?

Employee:  Not yet.

Manager:  How about those sales projections?

The manager is starting to get upset.

Employee:  Not finished either.

Manager:  Are you kidding me?

Employee:  Yes, boss.  I'm just cranking you up.  All the reports you asked for are in the in-box of your e-mail.

Manager:  That's alright, then, thank you.

Idiom Scenario 6

Two middle-school students are talking in their classroom ...

Student 1:  We have a substitute teacher today.

Student 2:  I see that.  Do you want to crank him up?

Student 1:  What do you have in mind?

Student 2:  We could throw some paper airplanes and talk loudly and text on our cell phones.

Student 1:  Good idea.  That should cause the substitute to get upset.  Could be fun to watch his reaction.

Student 2:  OK.  Let's do it, then.

to crank up - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   1,414   click for frequency by country

to crank up - Gerund Form:

Cranking up the volume can cause damage to the ear.

to crank up - Examples:

1)  I crank up my computer every morning.

2)  You crank up the TV when you get home every day.

3)  He cranks up the microwave when he heats up his dinner.

4)  She cranks up the air conditioner when she is warm.

5)  The new company cranks up it advertising campaign when it is time to open its doors.

6)  We crank up the treadmills when we start exercising.

7)  You (all) crank up the car when it is time to leave.

8)  They crank up the production line after maintenance stops.

9)  Bernanke sees it as a way to narrow the output gap and lower unemployment by cranking up the printing presses.

10)  I have two girls so the likelihood of them cranking up Uriah Heep on the i-pod is a bit remote.

11)  I am very glad to see Lucasfilm cranking up to get productive again, regardless of who ends up doing it.

12)  The researchers say this is because sound engineers and producers are cranking up the volume at the recording stage.

13)  Living on the Other Side is about rolling down the windows, cranking up the stereo, and hitting the open road.

14)  Each year this mammoth charity event cranks up the venue, guests wow factor and wealth just a little more.

15)  Morning training also cranks up our metabolism earlier in the day so it runs faster for longer.

16)  It doesn't just crank up your energy, but it cranks up your personal investment in what you are doing.

17)  It will be interesting what cranks up the angst of your readers.

18) Visibility is definitely one that cranks up the numbers! 

19)  You may find yourself diving for your bed as your body cranks up to support your baby right from the early stages of pregnancy.

20)   This song really cranks up your mood.