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sub-standard merchandise


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Idiom Definition 4


see: take a crap


Idiom Scenario 1

A husband and wife are talking ...

Husband: What's up? You don't look happy.

Wife:  I was out gardening this morning and found cat excrement in the flower beds.

Husband:  It's our neighbor's cat.  I'll talk to them about their cat leaving crap in our garden.

Idiom Scenario 2

A supervisor and an employee are talking ...

Supervisor:  I see that you've been late to work three times already this month.

Employee:  Sorry boss.  The buses have been running late.

Supervisor:  I thought you might say that so I checked with the Transit Authority and the buses have been running on time lately.  Your excuse is crap.


Idiom Scenario 3

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Did you get your new LCD TV set up?

Friend 2:  I got it set up but it's not working very well and there are blemishes on the screen.

Friend 1:  Sounds like you bought a crap TV.

Friend 2:  I thought the price was too low to be true.


crap - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   45,786   click for frequency by country

crap - Gerund Form:

Crapping in a toilet is recommended.

crap - Examples:

1)  It's getting harder and harder to take crap like this seriously.

2)  I was brought up on this crap and I gave it up ten years ago because it's just complete hogwash.

3)  I just hate crap journalism that has a weak point of view that can't be backed up.

4)  I grew up in show business, and it's this kind of crap that made me want to flee to Micronesia!

5)  So spare us the pony crap and accept the possibility of yet another Centrist move.

6)  I recommend that you research a topic before you type such crap.

7)  Sorry friend, that crap doesn't fly with me.

8)  Arthur knows that's crap, though.

9)  He's telling you there is something wrong with you and that's crap

10)  You want people care about crap like this? Then present it properly.

11)  This is not the crap leftovers but a public resource of ideas and enjoyment. 

12)  You in particular write crap like this all the time.

13)  What crap... how can one fairly rate levels of democracy in each country?

14)  It's like an old rusty piece of crap, why don't they buy a new car? 

15)  Don't worry, the cheap crap that's coming from China will break soon enough.

16)  I also rode short board for a few years and think it's crap compared to longboarding.

17)  I thought that after brain surgery, I could rise above the trivial crap we often find ourselves miring in.

18)  I am just so tired of all the crap, crap, crap. I am frustrated. My principal is constantly in my room.

19)  There's a lot of crap in all media, along with a lot of really great stuff. 

20)  Thanks so much Rebecca for standing up against all this crap and being so amazingly eloquent about it all.