to cross the Rubicon

Idiom Definition

"to cross the Rubicon"

to pass a certain point where going back is impossible

Idiom Definition - to cross the Rubicon


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to cross the Rubicon

Gail is in her last semester of high school.  She has been accepted to attend three different colleges.  Gail has been trying to make a decision for three weeks.  She has looked at the benefits of each college.  She has filled out all the application forms.  Now, Gail must make a decision that will determine how her life will be for the next several years.  When she sends that one application form, there will be no returning to a different decision.

Gail will have crossed the Rubicon when she sends the chosen application.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to cross the Rubicon

Barbara has been Steve's girlfriend for almost two years.  In that time, she has almost ended the relationship many times.  She knows that they have no future together but Barbara just can not make the decision to end the relationship.  She knows that when...

she crosses the Rubicon, there will be no going back.

Her relationship with Steve will be finished.

to cross the Rubicon - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   179   click for frequency by country

to cross the Rubicon - Gerund Form:

Crossing the Rubicon  sometimes requires a leap of faith.

to cross the Rubicon - Examples:

1)  I cross the Rubicon when I send in my term paper.

2)  You cross the Rubicon when you quit your job without notice.

3)  He crosses the Rubicon when he makes a career choice.

4)  She crosses the Rubicon when she changes her career.

5)  The company crosses the Rubicon when it launches bold new products.

6)  We cross the Rubicon when we reach a point where no return is possible.

7)  You (all) cross the Rubicon when you (all) make an important decision.

8)  They cross the Rubicon when they make an investment.

9)  If Labor crossed the Rubicon there would be bipartisan support. 

10)  The rebels know that they have crossed the Rubicon. They are not going to be swayed by offers of amnesty or negotiation.

11) They have not crossed the Rubicon from an authoritarian to a dictatorial regime. 

12)  I think we've kind of crossed the Rubicon with superhero films.

13)  I'd crossed the Rubicon. I had decided to throw in my lot with the Ulster Unionists.

14)  Spain has crossed the Rubicon from solvency to insolvency.

15)  What does this mean for the European high yield market now we have crossed the Rubicon of 10% credit spreads once more?

16) They shouldn't be forcing it on people, because that would be crossing the Rubicon into censorship. 

17)  Opening up access to our personal medical records is crossing the Rubicon of healthcare.

18) Passing a new law to set up the body would mean " crossing the Rubicon " toward state regulation of the press. 

19)  Caesar will not dare cross the Rubicon into Italy, because if he does so he will be at war.

20)  To cross the Rubicon and call him a dictator is too far fetched.