to cross your mind

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - cross your mind

"to cross your mind"

to think, for a brief period of time, about something as a possibility


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - cross your mind

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Why don't you just quit if you are so frustrated?

Colleague 2:  That thought has crossed my mind from time to time.

Colleague 1:  But?

Colleague 2:  Until I can find a better job, quitting is not an option.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - cross your mind

Two parents are talking ...

Father:  I can't believe our son has been arrested for impaired driving.

Mother:  I wonder if he realized how badly he could have hurt innocent bystanders?

Father:  I am sure that the thought never crossed his mind.

to cross your mind - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   2,690   click for frequency by country

to cross your mind - Gerund Form:

Crossing his mind briefly was the thought of quitting his job.

to cross your mind - Examples:

1)  Honestly, till you pointed it out to me, it never crossed my mind.

2)  But for me, retiring after the winning the Australian has never seriously crossed my mind.

3)  The idea that the Japanese market has shifted toward mobile games has definitely crossed my min.

4)  Wife of a pastor? Never in my wildest dreams or thoughts did it ever cross my mind that this was the path set out for me.

5)  To be honest, being an early childhood teacher did not cross my mind when I left school.

6)  Packing it in did cross my mind, through frustration and anger. 

7)  ... he ended up knowing the songs before the idea of starting a tribute band even crossed his mind.

8)  Domingo realized what a career would do for his family. It hadn't even crossed his mind until other people suggested it after seeing him play.

9)  Jason said it hadn't crossed his mind, but his father has considered it. 

10)  Did the thought ever cross your mind that you would be targeted?

11)  It might cross your mind throughout the year that you could do something to help those in need.

12)  The thought of having an intimate relationship with this man shouldn't even cross your mind. This man is deplorable and wicked. He is depraved.

13)  ... husband for over 25 years. She said nothing remotely associated with divorce had ever crossed her mind.

14)  ... said the thought of selling her ticket to the final had never crossed her mind, even when she saw list prices of more than $15,000.

15)  ... but owning her family's business wasn't something that ever crossed her mind.

16)  On the tragically rare occasions when an inspiring thought crosses my mind, I send myself a text.

17)  I have no right to deny you your child. Yet the thought crosses my mind every single day. 

18)  ... and I'm not interested in that question. It never crosses my mind to be honest. I mean it would never occur to me to ...

19)  How hard can it be? Probably a thought that crossed your mind in your pre-parent years. Oh to be so naive again.

20)  Tell us about the first thing that crossed your mind when you knew you'd be sharing screen space with ...