to cut a fine figure

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - cut a fine figure

"to cut a fine figure"

to look elegant (usually referring to a male)


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - cut a fine figure

Two parents are talking ...

Mother:  Look at our boy. He looks so grown up and elegant in his tuxedo. I sure hope he does well as the ring-bearer at his sister's wedding.

Father:  I'm sure he will.  And, yes, he does cut a fine figure all dressed up like that.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - cut a fine figure

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Who's the new employee. She looks amazing, so beautiful and refined.

Colleague 2:  Be careful how you speak. You wouldn't want to be accused of sexism. But she does cut a fine figure.

to cut a fine figure - Usage:


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to cut a fine figure - Gerund Form:

Cutting a fine figure when going for a job interview could be appropriate for an upper-level management position.

to cut a fine figure - Examples:

1)  Standing tall: Jenna cuts a fine figure of a woman.

2)  It also hosts occasional classical music concerts. # Dancing House cuts a fine figure alongside the river, a strikingly modern contrast to the historic Prague attractions.

3)  An able craftsman or scholar cuts a fine figure when he takes pride in his art and looks on life content and satisfied.

4)  ... face the consequences of a moment of madness and Anthony Monjaro who cuts a fine figure as a experienced and dedicated pilot.

5)  The 2012 version is a dapper chap who cuts a fine figure.

6)  He darted out of the teahouse, cutting a fine figure as he went running and leaping through the crowd to meet her.

7)  ... all looked amazing, and Colin cut a fine figure in his tux too.

8)  At that same protest, he cut a fine figure in a Helen Clark mask and a dress, as part of the street theatre.

9)  Giles cut a fine figure in his black velvet suit.

10)  The British heartthrob cut a fine figure in a blue suit by Polo Ralph Lauren, teamed with a dotted tie and brown shoes.

11)  Mayfair was a theatre of self-display, the place to shop, saunter, stroll, see, be seen; generally, to cut a fine figure in society.

12)  Newlywed Justin Theroux cut a fine figure in a tailored suit and skinny tie at Jimmy Kimmel Live!

13)  Matthew cut a fine figure in a tailored waistcoat and matching trousers which he teamed with a powder blue shirt and polka dot bow tie.

14)  Finch cut a fine figure in a barely there floral bikini by Seafolly.

15)  The ship masts and intertwined rig ropes of the cutter Eagle cut a fine figure against the blue and white sky as it glided on the ...

16)  The mystery woman cut a fine figure beside the handsome young rock star, wearing skinny jeans, a midriff exposing crop top and a leather ...

17)  Playboy Playmate Jaclyn Swedberg cut a fine figure in Miami Beach this week.

18)  The "Real Life" singer cut a fine figure in a black tuxedo with wide lapels and ebony shoes.

19)  While the ladies dance in elegant chiffon and the men cut a fine figure in their tuxedos, it's hard not to get swept away.

20)  She certainly cut a fine figure at Sydney's Woolloomooloo on Wednesday, stunning in a grey dress. Dressed to impress.