to cut a rug

Idiom Definition

"to cut a rug"

to dance (with a certain connotation of "to dance well")

Idiom Definition - to cut a rug


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to cut a rug

Fred and Jean are out dancing at their local club.  They are gliding and dipping and dancing as if on clouds.  During a break in the music Jean says to Fred...

"Sweetheart, you sure cut a mean rug."

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to cut a rug

It is Friday night when Paul telephones Martha to ask what she is doing that evening.  Martha replies that she has no plans.  Paul knows that Martha likes to go out dancing and Paul likes the exercise.  Paul asks Martha...

"Would you like to go out and cut a rug?"

to cut a rug - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   29   click for frequency by country

to cut a rug - Gerund Form:

Cutting a rug can be a lot of fun.

to cut a rug - Examples:

1)  I cut a rug when I dance.

2)  You cut a rug with your dance partner.

3)  He cuts a rug every Saturday night.

4)  She cuts a rug at the dance hall.

5)  We cut a rug in the team dance competition.

6)  You (all) cut a rug when you (all) salsa dance.

7)  They cut a rug when they ballroom dance.

8)  I returned to the dance floor where I continued to cut a rug to the rockings of Akira.

9)  Looking forward to seeing you there. Let's cut a rug.

10) You also need to see Mone's crazy fast feet cut a rug on stage. They will make your heart happy. 

11)  Did they cut a rug together to That Shakespearian Rag?

12) One presumes that he can cut a rug

13)  I learned to cut a rug on cider and Babysham at Young Farmers' dances.

14) Patrons cut a rug to the tunes of the 20s sipping their Old-Fashioneds. 

15) Cut a rug to an early country tune. 

16) It's hard to cut a rug in a student house with cheap laminate flooring. 

17)  He and Leslie we're really cutting a rug that night. 

18)  I found myself turning the lights down low and cutting a rug.

19) Pompadour-sporting dancers were cutting a rug to old-school rockabilly music near the park's entrance. 

20)  It was how much fun the rockers had cutting a rug.