to cut out the dead wood

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - cut out the dead wood

"to cut out the dead wood"

to dismiss employees who do not work very well or efficiently


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - cut out the dead wood

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Looks like some people are going to lose their jobs.

Colleague 2:  It seems natural that with a merger, a new company is going to be looking to make the operations more efficient by getting rid of the underperformers.

Colleague 1:  True enough.  I suppose the time is coming to cut out the dead wood.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - cut out the dead wood

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  What's going on with our favorite sports team. They seem to have accumulated a lot of players who are just not performing well.

Friend 2:  I agree. We have no chance of winning the championship this year unless management does something.

Friend 1:  It's time to cut the dead wood out of the team.

to cut out the dead wood - Usage:


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to cut out the dead wood - Gerund Form:

Cutting the dead wood out of an organization ensures a lean and efficient operation.

to cut out the dead wood - Examples:

1)  Many big companies used the recession to cut out the dead wood and get rid of positions no longer needed.

2)  ... management were "doing more than just pruning -- they are cutting out the dead wood". After its share price dropped close to 30 per cent in less ...

3)  ... lets be honest and that will be no sign of progress. Cutting the dead wood out of the club, bringing through two top class young players and buying in ...

4)  ... needs to get a CF that is the biggest problem, and cut the dead wood out, cash and player deals would be the key but only for decent players ...

5)  ... more challenges of incumbents on the primary level in both parties to cut the dead wood out.

6)  First we cut the dead wood out of SFMTA and get capable people that can solve parking and traffic and public ...

7)  The profession needs to cut out the dead wood, as does our City Hall.

8)  A similar tough stance is needed at Stamford Bridge to cut out the dead wood and build a united team for now and the future.

9)  ... system, whether directly or indirectly, without reforming it and cutting out the dead wood won't solve the problem.

10)  It's great to see Roy cut out the dead wood, but I worry about this team's strength in depth ...

11)  ... as a Nation to adopt a new approach to Politics, cutting out the dead wood, the thieves and the corrupt, and bringing in more working class men and

12)  Liverpool to their rightful place, major surgery would be required to cut out the dead wood and introduce players who would accept his methods.

13)  ... 'laissez faire' route instead and didn't dare cut out the dead wood in the Party.

14)  Cut out the dead wood even if it mens paying off their contracts or sending them off on gardening leave ...

15)  The first thing is to cut out the dead wood -- it will be for ministers to decide whether to have a Government consultation on

16)  ... and Beeching was promising to cut out the dead wood and balance the books.

17)  We need to cut out the dead wood and buy in some quality players.

18)  Lee is presented with the perfect opportunity to cut out the dead wood, once and for all.

19)  ... hope now for Scottish Labour is to break away, cut out the dead wood and form an independent party north of the border.

20)  ... a huge squad and Hughes may have to cut out some of the dead wood hanging around West London to make way for all the new faces.